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Thread: Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

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    Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

    i have Vista Home Premium working fine but the problem is after single day as i try to access Internet explorer, window asking user name and password. every time i need to put the details,it asking again and again. also same thing for sharing folder. Why is this is happening what is wrong ?
    thank you

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    Re: Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

    did you try to use any other browser ? so just try first Firefox also this can be due to security application running on your pc like antivirus, antispyware so just check there setting and configure it properly.

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    Re: Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

    to disable password in IE try this
    Open explorer > Tools > Options >Security Tab >Custom > check Password options> If that is unchecked, then it may be problem due to another application which require details so check for Firewall also if there is no such reason present then scan online your pc with good antivirus web site as this problem can be due to virus.

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    Re: Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

    try this administrative tools > local security policy > local policy > security options>'Network access

    check sharing and security model for local set that to guest only, this will stopped asking for passwords.

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    Re: Computer keeps asking me for Username/Password

    i have the same problem. i am on vista and everytime i try to get into hotmail i have to type my username and password, annoying! I am automatically directed to live messenger although i do not use this - is this the problem? have tried looking at lots of solutions on here both relating to hotmail and live messenger but still problem.

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