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Thread: mscdex.exe installation

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    mscdex.exe installation


    I want to install new CD-ROM on my system. my old cd rom is not working. so I got a new one and installed it. Now it ask me MSCDEX.EXE version When it tries to load the drivers off the supplied floppy, I need MSCDEX.EXE version 2.22 or above to continue. Where do I get MSCDEX.EXE and i also need guidence in installing it from DOS.

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    Re: mscdex.exe installation

    You can download MSCDEX version 2.23, it applies to Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 2.23, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 2.1, Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions (MSCDEX) for MS-DOS 2.2, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 2.21, Microsoft MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions 2.22 you can download it from here

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    Re: mscdex.exe installation

    Hey i have downloaded MSCDEX 2.23 but i have one doubt in my mind, when I copy the executable from the floppy I downloaded it to, will my computer "automatically" know where to load it into the command ?

    Thank you

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    Re: mscdex.exe installation

    It very simple after downloading mscdex.exe, insert the bootable floppysisk into your computer's floppy drive As far as the COPY command goes, the DOS command to copy MSCDEX.EXE from say the root directory of drive C: to the root directory of drive would be:

       copy c:\mscdex.exe a:\

    And to copy it from A:\ to C:\

       copy a:\mscdex.exe c:\

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