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Old 26-05-2009
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How to sync drives in windows xp

Hello friends! I have a big problem. I bought a cell phone MG 230 in the hope of putting photos on my pc and some videos. Can you help me?
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Old 26-05-2009
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Re: How to sync drives in windows xp

Beat Port SYNC lets you instantly mix tracks by drag and drop. Simply load your tracks into the playback decks and use the crossfader to mix between them. Advanced functions like beat detection, auto sync, and loudness optimization let you create professional-sounding mixes immediately. With Beat Port SYNC, anyone can be a DJ.
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Old 26-05-2009
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Re: How to sync drives in windows xp

If we want our data in 2 different locations synchronized so as not to lose any files we can use the following program ...
Allway Sync searches for the latest version of a file in specified folders and copies it to another folder, ie synchronizes them. Unlike other file sync tools that just copy files with the most recent modification time, Allway Sync uses a reliable algorithm that does not depend on system clock accuracy. This synchronizer is fast, safe and stable. Allway Sync is easy-to-use and free for personal use

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Old 26-05-2009
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Re: How to sync drives in windows xp


The driver of the cable they do not have it, but I found this on net and it worked with me, you plug in the USB cable to pc then connected the phone will appear in the hardware wizard in Windows XP you put in there so yes this time, after you install poem from a list or specific location (Advanced), then you are going to include this site in the search, you will Pastinha of the button and where you unzipped the drive select the folder of the drive, then you boot in progress Then he will take a while to find the drive of the day, after that the windows xp issue a warning if you wish to continue anyway, so you boot and ready to be happy, then you must have the program of lg i 'm gonna go to hint of how it is.

Now the procedure to find the program for the lg by and take pictures of the cellular and muisc.

Open Internet Explorer (firefox bug on the site of lg

the site of lg


Lg configure the site's like this:
> By product: Select: GSM Phones
> In O / S: All
> And in Subject: Please ..... mg230 ... no space at all
Then the program will appear: Gx_Mobile Sync 1 [1] .7 APR 04 2007.zip
Simply click and download them ...
After you download them, you must install

Once installed the lg mobile sync:
Between 1 in C: \ Program Files \ LGE GSM PC Sync \ LG GSM Sync
2 Find and open the file Gsmconfig. Will open the notebook.
3 Select All and Delete.
4 Copy and paste this in place of what you forgot:

Timeout = 12000
CommandIntervalTime = 0
SliceBytes = 2048
TTPMode = 1
MaxBitrate = 192
ComWriteSleepTime = 100
USB = 0
Serial = 1
Bluetooth = 1
NotNumSendMode = 1
SerialPort = 3

SleepTime = 0
BlockSize = 50000
MaxMelodySize = 102400
DownSleepTime = 100

SliceBytes = 4096
ComWriteSleepTime = 100
DownSleepTime = 100

BlockSize = 50000




M_PIC =*. jpg, *. gif, *. png, *. wbmp, *. bmp
M_CAM =*. mp4, *. 3gp, gif *
M_VOD =*. mp4, *. 3gp, gif *
C_MELODY =*. mid, *. aac, *. wma, *. IMY, *. amr; *. Mp3
C_MP3 =*. mp3, *. mp4, *. m4a, *. aac, *. amr
C_WALLPAPER =*. bmp, *. jpg, *. gif, *. png, *. wb mp
C_GAME =*. jad, *. jar
C_KARAOKE =*. jar

M_PIC = 1
M_CAM = 1
M_VOD = 1
C_MP3 = 1
C_GAME = 1

the above configuration makes the program read mp3, amr etc ...

a good program to convert your mp3 to amr is: Allok MP3 to AMR Converter

but the phone only accepts transfer of 300 kb then you will need the program: RingJone used to cut you a piece of music to fit on your phone, then you use RingJone oh yes you the USA Allok MP3 to AMR Converter to move to amr, that is to be less than 300 kb

I hope I have helped. So happy now.
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