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Thread: Infinite shutdown loop with vista

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    Infinite shutdown loop with vista

    windows loads up to the first vista HP page (blue-pretty screen), says 'please wait', then 'configuring updates'(nothing else), and then 'shutting down'. It does this on safe mode, and every other selectable option in f8. Got recovery disks (they work but not in this case), can't f12, and was never given vista disk for startup. Is there a solution in f10? I am having this trouble on an Acer Power FH system. please help, assignment work on there in need to get to.
    Can't even start safe mode with command prompt.

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    Re: infinite shutdown loop with vista

    Don't set your computer to download automatic updates. Try to turn off the option for automatic downloads on your system. And try to set your system, in oder to check for Vista updates. You can also go to the official Microsoft Windows Vista websites for latest updates.

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    Re: Infinite shutdown loop with vista

    If you are stuck watching the "Configuring Updates Stage 3 of 3 0%" - do not turn off Computer and in the endless reboot loop, then stop the cycle and boot from the Vista media.

    You will need to Repair your computer. For this, select your Vista installation and restore it to a point before the deployment of the updates. After gaining back access to your operating system, you will have to install the service stack update, namely Update for Windows Vista. Deploy this update before any other on your Vista, and only then install the rest.

    At this point in time, you should experience no more problems.

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