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Thread: Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

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    Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

    Well, I have a quad core with ram 6gig in my pc. At rest, the indicator in the band at the right shows that 25 to 35% of ram is used. Yet even after a reboot, it remains at this point.

    How to cure it? At the beginning when I got it, it was a 3-4% ... why this sudden change?

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    Re: Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

    You probably have a lot of software that starts with the machine. A household help will reduce this. Also Vista is still nearly requires 1 gb and very resource hungry. Refer to this thread for Vista startup services removal:

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    Re: Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

    Vista has what they call Superfetch which loads RAM with what it thinks will speed up access to programs, etc. It will try to use all the RAM it can. This is normal. If you need it for something other than the preloaded functions, it relinguishes what is needed. I would suggest having a good look at all the trial/bloatware that is inevitably installed on a new machine. Get rid of it, use AVG etc, loads of free good software that doesn't require a massive footprint. Then make sure you diable startup items that you don't require.
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    Re: Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

    Vista is designed to use gbs of RAM. If you applications slow down because of too much paging to the disk, invest in more RAM for your laptop if you have room to put more in. The cost of RAM is down these days and shouldn't be that expensive. You should see an increase of performance with more RAM.

    If not, maybe you could roll back to XP.

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    Re: Vista eating 35% of ram at idle

    It is Normal!
    Vista via the "Prefetch", analyzes what are the applications you use most often and pre-load into memory for improved system responsiveness.
    I had my 2 GB and Vista uses 35% of Ram
    I have doubled to 4 GB of Ram, 1 to 2 weeks later, I still had 33% used.

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