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Thread: connAPI.DLL File Not Found

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    connAPI.DLL File Not Found

    Hello , I Have a Windows Vista Computer , Recently When i Restarted my When i restarted my Pc a Messages Box Pop Up Stating that ConnAPI.DLL file is missing and i Cannot Run the Program specified , Can You Tell me How Can i Solve This Problem Thanks in Advance For Your Suggestion

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    Re: connAPI.DLL File Not Found

    Install or reinstall the Nokia PC Suite software.

    In order to communicate with a Nokia mobile phone, your computer must have the Nokia PC Suite software installed. Install the software to allow Adobe Photo Downloader to communicate with the phone and download photos from it. If you have previously installed Nokia PC Suite but are still getting this error message, uninstall and reinstall the software or upgrade to a newer version. For more information about Nokia PC Suite, contact Nokia or visit the Nokia web site.

    Note: Only use this solution if you connect a Nokia mobile phone to your computer.

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    Re: connAPI.DLL File Not Found

    Please, verify the following:
    1. "PC Connectivity Solution" has been installed on your PC. You can see this from Control Panel's Add or Remove Programs.
    2. Locate the installation directory of PC Connectivity Solution. The default is "C:\Program Files\PC Connectivity Solution". Check that file ConnAPI.dll exists in that directory.
    3. Verify that the installation directory from step 2 is present in the PATH environment variable. (Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Environment variables). If it isn't, please fix it manually or re-install a recent PC Connectivity Solution (which is shipped with PC Suite, Ovi Suite or Nseries PC Suite).

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    Re: connAPI.DLL File Not Found

    Hello , connapi.dll is a Connectivity API\r from Nokia\r belonging to PC Connectivity Solution\r, Connapi.dll errors are caused by missing system files or broken system registry structures. This is a critical sign of an unstable system that is typically caused by improper maintenance of the computer.Downloading dll files off the net is a risky occupation as you never know whether you are getting the correct version that you need and the location for installation is variable. , I Would Suggest Reinstalling Nokia pc Suite

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