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Thread: SM Bus Controller for Windows XP needed

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    SM Bus Controller for Windows XP needed

    Hi, I have a Windows XP operating system and while going in through device manager I found an unknown device called: "Other devices" Device name SM Bus Controller. I am using a Asus P5Q motherboard and needed information if the driver for this device is needed or not. So if anyone can gimme a link or so for the SM Bus Controller driver it would be great. Thank you
    wus up everybody?

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    Re: SM Bus Controller for Windows XP needed

    Not sure what you need, exactly, but have a look at the following site:, its a totally free site. The next one, be 'very' careful when you use it, it does give back info, and it can lead you to where you can get it on your own, BUT, it also tries to sell the 'download', so just be careful. Also, it can be a little confusing, there's stuff telling you what you have and what you might need and its all mixed up, so again be careful: -- at this site the 'info' is free not the download. In addition, have you tried asus support website.
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    Re: SM Bus Controller for Windows XP needed

    The SMBus controller is the 'System Management Bus controller', it's part of the Intel chipset on your motherboard.

    Problems with the SMBus controller typically indicate that you didn't install the Intel INF update utility, also known as the Chipset Software Installation utility.
    This is easliy fixed by installing the latest one from here:

    Those drivers work with Windows 2000, Windows 98 SE, Windows Me, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional, so they should work with Server 2k3 with no problems.

    Hope this helps!

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    Re: SM Bus Controller for Windows XP needed

    This free program might help you identify the device and driver files needed:
    Everest Home Edition - system information tool

    Everest Home Edition (the successor of AIDA32) is a system information and benchmarking tool with full hardware & software information. It comes with a built-in hardware database and physical information for CPU, motherboard, hard disks, optical drives, chipset and much more. The information can be displayed on-screen, printed, or saved as a report in HTML or text format. The built in diagnostics module can help you find potential problems, by highlighting them in the report and also includes links to manufacturers web sites, driver updates and more. An easy to use report wizard allows you to create detailed reports in the format of your choice. The program is extremely well featured and very nicely done.

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