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Thread: Rotating a video landscape to portrait

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    Rotating a video landscape to portrait

    Here is my problem: I turn small movies with my digital camera and I will get product sequence. Avi

    when I make films for my camera to the vertical (portrait mode) the problem is that when I get the preview videos, they are in landscape mode. I would have to turn from -90 to view properly.

    what solutions exist for this problem (iMovie plug-in or shareware).?
    Thank you

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    Re: Rotating a video landscape to portrait

    Do not think "photo" in video the format is still landscape.The return of your image to 90 (in QT Pro) would severely erode your framing and will display black bars on the sides.

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    Re: Rotating a video landscape to portrait

    QuickTime Pro responds very well to this need.QT pro creates no black band on the sides, the film may simply rotate.

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    Re: Rotating a video landscape to portrait

    I do not think it will be Imovie that regulate obesity of your characters . Either you need to transformovie try to rework your video with another kind turnclip application. I used Turnclip in Imovie and I do not remember disproportions

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    Re: Rotating a video landscape to portrait

    TransformMovie is very well to rotation (and other changes) in batch. I just buy it, we get videos shot a prior correct. You can view them through Quicktime Player, they are touring without black bands. As against iPhoto (v7 / ILFE of 08) refuses to import them?!

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