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Thread: How To Convert Any Windows Program to Run on a U3 Drive

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    How To Convert Any Windows Program to Run on a U3 Drive


    Whenever I am working on a different system, I wonder if I could run the windows program in it. Is it possible to run any windows program on a U3 drive ? If possible then how ?

    Please give your suggestions .......

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    Re: How To Convert Any Windows Program to Run on a U3 Drive

    There is a software called PackageFactory that takes your desktop application and converts it into a U3P application to run on your U3 drive.

    The best thing about this software is it's free for personal use! If you are a developer and you want to use it on your commercial application to make a U3 compliant package, it only costs $39.95 (I think that’s Canadian dollars).

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    Re: How To Convert Any Windows Program to Run on a U3 Drive

    As mentioned by Solomon, it is possible to convert any windows program to run on a U3 Drive using PackageFactory.

    The first step is to follow the ultra-simple instructions on PackageFactory’s interface. The application has easy to use and follow interface. There is a more complicated Advanced Mode to help in converting more complex program’s, yet for now let’s stick with the Wizard Mode.

    Click on the Drop EXE Here or Click to Add box. Then select the .exe file you want to convert.

    I chose autoruns.exe of course and simply clicked on the Open button.

    At this point, you can edit the Program Name or add a Description if you’d like. Then, just click on the Create! arrow.
    PackageFactory will then convert the program and ask you where you would like to save it. Probably the best spot to save it to would be your Desktop.
    The U3P program has been created..

    Open up your U3 device’s Launchpad and click on Add Programs then select Install from My Computer.

    Then select the U3P package you want to install from your Desktop. Follow the prompts and then test the program to make sure it works.

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