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Thread: help about idefrag for mac os speed up

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    help about idefrag for mac os speed up

    i want to know about idefrag application that do you think this software for Mac OS 10.4 Tiger works fine and that will improve performance of my mac .my friend recommended me to do that. is that true ?
    please tell me thank you.

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    Re: help about idefrag for mac os speed up

    mac is not like windows i think no need to defragment on mac OSX

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    Re: help about idefrag for mac os speed up

    Without going into the debate of whether or not to defrag a disk in MacOS X, if one truly wants to do, it is strongly recommended that a full backup of your data before running a defragmentation utility.

    Indeed this is a defragmentation kids pieces of files on the disk for hours. The slightest incident during this operation can lead to a fatal loss of data (or disk).

    So I personally advise to do this backup using a cloning tool (Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper for example) on a bootable external drive (and therefore properly formatted by Disk Utility by selecting the right format partition depending on the Mac).

    This clone is done, the simplest and faster (and safer) to defragment the internal hard drive is to boot on the clone then recloner in the opposite direction after erasing the internal drive.

    Being clone by copying file by file on a disk previously deleted, the result is a disc without any fragmented file.

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    Re: help about idefrag for mac os speed up

    Another method very safe defragmentation is provided by Time Machine (it restores its hard with the installation DVD from the Time Machine backup). However, the directory (catalog files) is not defragmented. Only DiskWarrior can do it properly.

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    Re: help about idefrag for mac os speed up

    here is best part details including idefrag check out Optimizing Apple Mac OS X

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