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Thread: Virtualize old PC to use it in VMWare

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    Virtualize old PC to use it in VMWare

    Here is the problem:
    I must change a XP PC into a new Vista and I would like to virtualise my old XP in my new Vista?
    Thus approximately to make it I will use Acronis True Image (or Ghost) and also to restore on a virtual machine!

    I hope to be clear. Thank you
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    Re: Virtualize old PC to use it in VMWare

    1. First, you set up a virtual machine that has everything you need to do your work - all the software, all the bookmarks, passwords and custom settings you want.
    2. Second, you save that “Virtual Machine” onto a DVD (or USB Flash Drive).
    3. Third, you save a copy of the free VMware Player and keep it handy.

    When your computer gives up the ghost, here’s all you have to do to get back into business in minutes …

    1. First, get your hands on another computer - even if you just have to borrow one (almost any machine will do).
    2. Second, install that free VMware Player.
    3. Third, copy the Virtual Machine onto that computer.

    Then all you gotta do is fire up your image in the Player and you’re back in the saddle. All your software, settings and passwords are ready to use (just make sure you have your backed up data handy, of course).

    Two Ways To Make This Happen:
    Get the free VMware Converter and use it to make a Virtual Machine image of your existing machine. Simplest solution.
    Download the VMware Browser Appliance. It’s a web-ready Ubuntu Linux image, though, so it’s not for everybody - but if you’re so inclined, all you have to do is get the Appliance, install all your open-source software, and keep the image handy.

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    Re: Virtualize old PC to use it in VMWare

    After you make an image, take a newer computer, install vmware workstation (I usually suggest 1gb RAM for XP or more), and boot your image within the vmware session (make it a dos session, and it should allow you to boot a cd image). It should allow you to set everything up so you have XP, and can vmware everything else. Not sure about video drivers and such. Hmmmm, I see that you could have a few issues or it may not work.

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    How to Run Windows XP inside Vista with Virtual PC 2007

    What you'll need
    1. A Windows XP setup disc with a license.
    2. The free Virtual PC 2007 download.
    3. About an hour, depending on how fast your computer is.

    Lots of peopel say that other virtualization software, like VMWare or Parallels for Windows is better or faster than Virtual PC. That may well be true, but Virtual PC is free, which is just cheap enough for home use.

    Create a new XP Virtual Machine
    From Virtual PC's Action menu, choose "New Virtual Machine Wizard" and you're off. Within the VM Wizard, you'll set how much RAM to allocate to the XP virtual machine, and you'll also set up a new Virtual Hard Drive with a size you set that XP will use to store data.

    Once your new VM is installed, insert your XP setup disc into your CD drive. Then, within Virtual PC, select the XP vm, and hit the Start button.

    Install Windows XP
    You'll be prompted to format a "new partition," which is the virtual hard drive you set up earlier. The first time you click inside the XP VM, Virtual PC will attempt to "capture" your mouse pointer. Once it's inside the VM, you won't be able to move it out of the window without using a special key combination (Right-Alt, by default.)
    Happily using some extras for VPC, we can stop the Right-Alt madness. Once setup completes, XP will "reboot" and start running inside a window on Vista.

    Install the Virtual Machine Additions
    Once setup completes, XP will "reboot" and start running inside a window on Vista.
    To get extra VPC features like sharing the mouse and folders between guest OS and host, start up your XP VM, and from the Action menu, choose "Install or Update Virtual Machine Additions" (the key command is Right-Alt-I). VPC will go through its paces and prompt you to reboot the XP VM.

    Once VM Additions are installed, you can move your mouse between your XP VM and Vista host without having to press Right-Alt to free the pointer. Additionally, you can share folders from the host PC to the VM.

    Source: Lifehacker

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