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Thread: Error 0x8007045D on External Hard Disk

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    Error 0x8007045D on External Hard Disk


    I encounter a problem with my external hard drive 2.5 Memup (Kwest), USB2. Capacity: 120gb. I can not copy files over. Yet the disc has 12GB free. It is FAT32 (necessary because I above. Avi files and the hard drive connects to a Freebox HD, which does not recognize NTFS partitions)
    I defragmented the above Hd with the following command line:

    Commandline argument '-a' accepted, optimizemode = 3
    Commandline argument '-d' accepted, debug = 1
    Commandline argument '-q' accepted, quitonfinish = yes

    Now when I want to add a file, I encounter the error 0x8007045D error device I / O obviously, I made a verification / correction of hdd (chkdsk) without result since the crash continues.

    solution pls?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Re: Error 0x8007045D on External Hard Disk

    Reformatting your external hard drive to start on a sound?

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    Re: Error 0x8007045D on External Hard Disk

    refer to this thread: Unsuccessful backup. I/O device error (0x8007045D)

    Hope this will help. good luck
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    Re: Error 0x8007045D on External Hard Disk

    It is almost certainly permission. Take ownership of the files/folders. this is what to do, right click the files, click properties, security, advanced, your user name, edit, select your user name again and click edit, tick full control and OK out of everything.

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