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Thread: Can't use vista speech recognition

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    Can't use vista speech recognition

    Good evening to all of you.

    I'm using Windows Vista, problem is i unable to use the vista speech recognition. whenever i try to use it it gives me an error messege that says wizard could not start na dgives advice to check raudio devices or audio configuration in control panel. my windows plays sounds perfect with speakers and records voice with recoder.

    Please help. thanks for help.

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    Re: Can't use vista speech recognition

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    Re: Can't use vista speech recognition

    1. In the Start Menu, choose All Programs, Accessories, Accessibility. Select the Speech Recognition option

    2. Proceed through the initial set up screens to configure your microphone. The Speech tutorial will then be launched

    3. Complete the Speech tutorial

    Create, dictate, and save a document
    1. Say "Start Listening."

    2. Say "Open WordPad."

    3. Say "This is a test of speech recognition period."

    Note Remember to pronounce punctuation.

    4. To correct mistakes, say "correct" and the word that the computer typed by mistake, and then pick the correct word from the list offered by Speech Recognition, repeat the correct word again. For example, if the computer misrecognized "speech" as "peach," say "correct peach," and then choose the right word from the list, or say the word "speech" again.

    5. To save the document, say "File", then say "Save As."

    6. Say "Test document."

    7. Say "Save."

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    Re: Can't use vista speech recognition

    Troubleshoot Speech Recognition problems :

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