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Old 16-04-2009
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How to set default power settings in Windows XP

Good afternoon guys,

I want to know which is the best settings when nobody logs in. i know the power option in conrol panel gives the power settings. and how can i change the default power scheme?

Thanks for any help.
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Old 16-04-2009
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Re: How to set default power settings in Windows XP

  • Open up Regedit
  • Select HK_USERS
  • Then click File -> Load Hive
  • Then browse to C:\Documents And Settings\Default Users\
  • Open NTUSER.DAT, call the hive whatever you want, it's not going to stay loaded
  • Now browse to the newly loaded hive
  • HK_USERS\Test (Or whatever you called it)\Control Panel\PowerCfg\ <--- This is the key you want to mess up with..
  • Now in there, there's a key called CurrentPowerPolicy, this value represents which of the power policies is default
  • (You can find power policies under the PowerPolicies key (Duh!))
  • So if you set CurrentPowerPolicy = 3, then the default user's power policy will be Always Active
  • When you're done, select your hive (HK_USERS\Test in my case) Then click File -> Unload Hive
  • BUT, keep in mind that this will only be effective with users who logs for the first time AFTER these changes
  • Meaning by that, wou'll have to delete any user profiles that were already created on this computer if you want them the have the new config (Or manually change each of their regestry key (HK_CurrentUser\Control Panel\PowerCfg) while logged as the user)
  • Hope this helps!
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Old 16-04-2009
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Re: How to set default power settings in Windows XP

Refer to this , Power Management in Windows XP : http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/u...02march25.mspx

Hope this will help. good luck
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Old 16-04-2009
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Re: How to set default power settings in Windows XP

You could log on and set the power options for one user and then log on as Administrator and copy the first user's profile to the Default User Profile using the Control Panel/System tool (View hidden files needs to be enabled to allow the Default User to appear as an option). Unfortunately, that method would only work for a single computer.

I'd be hesitant to apply that change to an image due to differences between Laptop and Desktop power options (we use a single image for both).

If you use different images for different platforms, that method could work...I've successfully used it in the past. Reg.exe is also an excellent tool worth looking into, which is included with XP.

You can load a hive, modify settings and save the changes. For instance, with Reg.exe, you would load C:\Documents and settings\Default User\ntuser.dat. This makes the default user's registry available for editing.

You could then user reg.exe or regedit to modify the default settings and then save them. (Don't forget to unload the hive when finished.) This method could be used with SMS, login or other scripting method. use reg /? to get the syntax.

Powercfg.exe can also be used, but it only affects the power scheme settings on the first page of the Power Control Panel, and only for the current user. Not very useful if you want to change the behavior when a user closes the lid of his/her laptop. :-( On the other hand, microsoft offers guidance on incorporating it with Domain Policy (Search powercfg in the MS Knowledgebase).
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