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Thread: How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

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    idea How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

    Hello Friends,

    I had installed Windows 7 on my laptop. No doubts it has superb features in it. But some how my laptop have some network & software compatibility issues specially with daemon tools pro. So i would like to like to go back to downgrade it to Windows Vista. I don't want to lose any settings as well as any of the software on my laptop. Can any one tell me that how can i do it with out losing any settings as well as software on my laptop? Does any body know that how can i do it? Kindly suggest me your views on the above issue.


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    Re: How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

    No i don't think so there is any way by which you can go back to Windows Vista. I think you need to format your pc and then try to reinstall Windows Vista on it. Before formatting your pc try to copy your data to some other drive. I think downgrading operating system is not easy as you upgrade it.

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    Re: How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

    Microsoft confirmed officially that it would allow Windows 7 customers to downgrade the operating system to not only Windows Vista but also Windows XP. The scenario is limited to the software giant's volume licensing customers, and does not involve end users. Windows 7 copies will come with what the Redmond company refers to as downgrade rights. These rights, stipulated in the End User License Agreement, enable buyers of Windows 7 to deploy and run Windows Vista or Windows XP instead, with the Service Packs best suited to their needs, under the Win 7 EULA. Essentially, customers that buy Windows 7 can use Vista or XP and not the next iteration of Windows under the same license agreement without paying any additional money to Microsoft, and while retaining the rights to scrape Vista or XP and embrace Windows 7, also without any extra costs.

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    Re: How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

    Microsoft will be offering these downgrade rights to netbook users. But corporate customers who aren't ready to upgrade hundreds of computers at once might prefer to buy new computers running XP than Windows 7. It's likely that you'll need to purchase a computer with a Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate license to qualify for the downgrade. But it has indicated that the downgrade option would be available through 2010.

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    Re: How do i downgrade to Vista from Windows 7

    Currently, Microsoft only allows downgrades on Vista Business and Ultimate SKUs, which suggests that not every SKU will be available for a downgrade on Windows 7 as well.

    This is a strange move by Microsoft since Windows 7 is being highly praised for doing so well even in its beta stages.

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