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Thread: 1TB HDD - NTFS or FAT32?

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    1TB HDD - NTFS or FAT32?

    The FAT file system does not contain mechanisms which prevent newly written files from becoming scattered across the partition.[6] Other file systems, like HPFS,You can partition with different filesystems, such as FAT32, or NTFS, The maximum possible size for a file on a FAT32 volume is 4 GiB minus 1 byte (232−1 bytes).why would you use FAT32 at all? There are limitations especially with 4gb per file thing on FAT32.

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    Re: 1TB HDD - NTFS or FAT32?

    I suggest that you first data carve the original 1TB drive for files. If you use the entire disk, you will get data back from the entire 1TB. Yes, it was formatted, but most of the files are still there, just the filesystem structure is gone. This means that you will be able to get lots of files back, but they will no longer be properly named, nor will they be in any directory structure.

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    Re: 1TB HDD - NTFS or FAT32?

    I have a 500GB WD External HDD (not a MyBook one) partitioned with 160GB in HFS for Time Machine and the rest in FAT32 for storage on both my PC and Mac, and it doesn't take very long at all for both partitions to be detected on my MacBook.

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