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Thread: Default address in Address Book

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    Default address in Address Book


    I have contacts in "Address Book" that have multiple e-mail address (work, home, ...). I have also a group with multiple contacts with several email addresses each.
    My question is:
    When I write an email in "Mail" and add the group in question in the recipient, how to choose which email address for each contact, "Mail" going to send my message? Is "Address Book" automatically selects the field "work" as the default? (it does not seem so simple after my test).
    I do not know if I was clear, do not hesitate to ask me questions to make it more clear.
    To go further: is it possible in the same way (sending to a group) to send the mail to many (all) the address of a contact / all contacts?
    Thank you in advance for your answers

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    Re: Default address in Address Book

    if more than one email address by default is the upper so either you reorder fields is much simpler you create several sheets (1 per address tabulation, etc) and you modules in groups.

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    Re: Default address in Address Book

    The Address Book Apple is a very succinct, minimalist, I would say, because of all the applications of this type that I know (independent or integrated into a software such as Outlook Express or Entourage, for example), it is the only one that does not select an address "default" or "principal" for each sheet, and it is (a prior) the first address in the list which is used by default. I do not know, for against, if the tick box "Company" modifies this rule.

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    Re: Default address in Address Book

    there are settings you can
    - For addresses
    And fields
    And setting default address group

    check here for more Mac Address Book

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