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Thread: Remove Windows XP in Dualboot with Vista

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    Remove Windows XP in Dualboot with Vista

    Good evening
    I have Xp / VISTA as dualboot On my PC, . I would like to remove XP that I do not use anymore .So I Want My PC to directly connects to VISTA while Booting and. i want to REdeem the space of XP (drive D in this case) and I can not format this directory, even when I used the Disk Management of Vista. The reason: "XP system disk, Windows can not format." Do You Have Any Solution for this Problem Thank you in advance For your replies

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    Re: Remove Windows XP in Dualboot with Vista

    Hello , Normally You Should take all the data off of your XP partition that you still want, and then delete the partition using Vista. Then, without rebooting that computer, merge your Vista partition with the newly opened space.Download VistaBootPro and then edit the bootloader and take out the XP entry.

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    Re: Remove Windows XP in Dualboot with Vista

    Hello , simply load into Vista and format the partition XP is currently installed on. Since the Vista bootloader has control of the boot, there is no need to modify the boot.ini of XP.

    Restart your computer with either Vista CD 1 or your Vista DVD in the drive, if you don't you will be prompted to pick an operating system. Once into setup, choose repair console from the first screen (not install).

    Now the last option is for a DOS prompt, pick that.

    A DOS prompt appears, and type the following:
    bootrec.exe /fixmbr
    *this will essentially remove XP from the Vista bootloader

    bootrec.exe /fixboot
    *this will check that XP is no longer present in Vista's boot.ini

    Restart and XP is history.

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    Re: Remove Windows XP in Dualboot with Vista

    The reason you can't delete the XP partition is because Vista is currently booting from it. Since XP was installed first, Vista installed its boot files onto the XP partition (that's why it's labeled "System"). The XP partition is also the Active (booting) partition. Also, according to your post, the Vista partition is Logical. It would have to be converted to a Primary partition to be bootable.

    If you don't want to "delete" the XP partition, but just shrink it down and then resize the Vista partition to use some of its space, you can do that with DD.

    If you delete or remove the XP partition, you'll have to convert the Vista partition into a Primary partition and run a Vista repair (at the very least) to fix the Vista partition so it will boot. You'd need a Standard or OEM Microsoft Vista DVD for this.

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