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Thread: Download VLC Media Player version 0.9.9

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    Download VLC Media Player version 0.9.9

    Closely following the release of Other Media Players , VLC is now available in the version number 0.9.9 . It is essentially a maintenance version that fixes problems.

    VLC 0.9.9 makes the following changes:
    • Corrections in the behavior of full-screen mode for multi-screen configurations on Windows
    • Corrected a problem with the libxml library (versions 2.7.3 and higher)
    • Better video performance on Mac Intel
    • Several updates to Windows boxes
    • A decoder for Experimental Real Video 3.0 and 4.0

    The download for Windows and Mac OS X can be done from this page.

    Download VLC
    Select your operating system to download VLC binaries:
    Mac OS X

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    Re: Download VLC Media Player version 0.9.9

    Hello , Too bad they have not kept the logo with the bulldozer! Read this Official Post and also Soon version 1.0 i think will Be released

    After years of faithful service, we've decided to retire our old logo, the famous cone. It served its purpose, but as VLC 1.0.0 is approaching, we are dropping the passive cone and upgrading to some heavy machinery.
    The whole team would like to welcome the new VLC logo: Bulldozer! Get ready for some serious earth shattering on the open source multimedia world!
    VLC 1.0.0 is warming up... maybe it's not going to be fast but it will wreck everything in its path.

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    Re: Download VLC Media Player version 0.9.9

    Hello , Warning, the 0.9.9 has nothing to do with the 1.0.0 (which is at the moment alpha1) ... 0.9.9 The model is a 0.9 (set this summer) with all the cares of the 0.9 branch (sub-titles, resampling), while 1.0.0 is the current industry developments ...

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    Re: Download VLC Media Player version 0.9.9

    One of my favorite features is the ability to shift subtitles for reading using the J and K (if I say no nonsense). As against the offset is to 50ms in 50ms, and it can be very long when you want shift several minutes (my current problem with subtitles that include a summary of the previous episode, which were cut my episodes). If I can move my little proposal for improvement:
    • If it was possible that the gradually increasing gap left when the button for several seconds;
    • If it was possible that the lag time is displayed in "human" HH: MM: SS: MS, rather than in milliseconds.

    In any case, a big thank you to the team of VLC, I install the 0.9.9 on my Mac back tonight, waiting eagerly for the version 1.0

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