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Thread: HP MEDIA CENTER Sata Driver

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    HP MEDIA CENTER Sata Driver

    Hello, I have to recover an HP Media Center model m7682 , I must format it completely after a big virus , MY Pc is Behaving in a really Annoying Way , It is Giving Longs Beeps and Sudden Crashes are occur , I consulted a with freinds he said i need to have to sata drivers before formatting my System .. but I can not find drivers for the SATA hard drive ...... could someone help me! thank you

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    Re: HP MEDIA CENTER Sata Driver

    This sounds like you have issues with the Ram slots, try swapping the Ram on other slots. Usually System Beeps when there is issues with Ram and System stops / hangs in between installation when you have Ram issues or issues with Ram slot. Since you have tried different Ram chips, it should be issue with Ram slots on the M/B. Also try to refit the processor.

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    Re: HP MEDIA CENTER Sata Driver

    hello , Check on these page Drivers might be available there hope it will help you

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    Re: HP MEDIA CENTER Sata Driver

    Many things hardware/software can cause the computer to hang. First, you
    should check the Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc) to see what error messages you get. Motherboard, memory, controllers, etc. can cause problems. I once had a bad USB host controller and the computer would hang all the time. If you have some diagnostic software/hardware to check your computer's hardware, try to use it.If you suspect there is a software issue, you can try MSCONFIG to remove some of the items that are running. You might even try autoruns.exe from to see all those programs that run at startup. Virus scanners and adware scanners could also help diagnose the issue.

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