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Thread: Computer restart at an earlier date

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    Computer restart at an earlier date

    This is the second time he does that, he scratched a bit before you start and then I see a page saying that the battery is HS (this is not a laptop I have a central unit connected consent).

    I press F2 to continue, so far everything is going well ... except that I realize it is 1:15 of the mat (while it is 7:45) and that we are this morning.

    The last time my anti virus and did not follow all the updates , it seems that this time it is OK.
    At the moment it is strange or it starts quite normally, or is rather long.

    So I am under windows XP, my anti virus is Kapersky

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    Re: Computer restart at an earlier date

    may be you try to replace your cmos battery

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    Re: Computer restart at an earlier date

    This is a button-type battery CR2032 Lithium 3 Volts, the operation is very easy. The loss of the system time indicates a loss of data instead of CMOS, this memory is preserved through the button battery that powers this memory when the PC is off.

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    Re: Computer restart at an earlier date

    For the slowdown at startup:

    Do a scan and antiviral antimalware.

    Make a check disk and then defrag.

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    Re: Computer restart at an earlier date

    Change any of the same button cell may have been stored for some time before being put into service and it costs almost nothing.

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