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Thread: Svchost.exe problem after updating Windows XP SP3

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    Svchost.exe problem after updating Windows XP SP3


    I have a problem that appears after each reboot of Windows since the installation of SP3 , I have the following message:

    "Svchost.exe - Application Error

    (0xc000001d) occurred in the application to the location 0x7588bba5).

    Click on OK to terminate the program.
    Click Cancel to debug the program ".

    when I close the window of the message, my PC bug to death and I can not launch an application or restart, I basically have no control over the windows ... Please help me, System Restore does not restore my windows to the state in which it was before to installing SP3 ...

    Thank you.

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    Re: Svchost.exe problem after updating Windows XP SP3


    First stop automatic updates from services.

    Next download windows update agent 3.0. link below.

    rename the windows update agent file to 1.exe and save it in drive C:

    Then type this command at Run

    C:\1.exe /wuforce

    Restart the computer and then do windows update.

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    Re: Svchost.exe problem after updating Windows XP SP3

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    Re: Svchost.exe problem after updating Windows XP SP3

    Did you have windows automatic updates turned on? If so, there have been a few problems lately that have come up with svchost.exe because of automatic updates.

    You may want to try this quick fix, it may or may not work but it won't hurt anything.
    1. Go to the start menu
    2. Right click "my computer"
    3. Click "properties" then the "automatic updates"
    4. tab
    5. Choose "turn off automatic updates"
    6. Reboot your computer
    7. Go back to start menu and in all programs go to "windows update" (you have to be connected to the internet.)
    8. Manually update windows.

    If any updates are downloaded and installed manually, reboot the machine and see if the error still appears.

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