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Thread: Problem with Windows Vista Installation

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    Problem with Windows Vista Installation

    I recently thought of installing windows vista on my computer.
    The first screen with just the wallpaper on it for a bit, then asked me for my language choices. Went through that just fine, until a random screen pops up and tells me something along the lines of "This installer needs missing CD/DVD drivers."

    I don't know what went wrong. Please provide some help regarding this issue

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    Re: Problem with Windows Vista Installation

    Are you installing over WinXP?

    You need to install Vista on a formatted NTFS partition.

    I wouldnt use it as my maine OS, you should dual boot with XP untill you get your feet wet at least.

    The error seems to have been with my DVD drive. Although it appears to work for other applications etc. it wasn't working correctly with this install. I purchased an external DVD drive and was able to complete the installation without issue.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Vista Installation

    I am a Staples associate and I work on computers for Staples EasyTech service. I had a customer bring in his Gateway laptop to have us install Windows Vista Home Premium upgrade from his XP home machine and it consistently creates the same error message. I had also tried the above steps previously without reading this article and it didn't work. Running the customer's recovery disk from Gateway also creates an error and I can't even install XP home at this point.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Vista Installation

    I have also try all of the above before doing this google search. I have a acer Aspire 9410 from staples, great buy, if anyone is instrested. The machine has Vista home Premium, I purchase Vista Ulimate upgrade, but I am not able to run the upgrade, the above error message keeps popping up, this was also true for a full install, it did not work. I hope Bill and his team fix this problem and fast.

    I was on the phone with MS Vista support and the only thing they could come up with is to take back the Disk to staples for a replacement, which they will not accept, since it was purchase over two months ago.

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    Re: Problem with Windows Vista Installation

    Open up Win32Dasm -->Disassembler --->open file to disassemble..
    at this point locate where ever you saved your windows vista files. Here is an example of my computer: C:\Windows Vista Setup\sources
    then find winsetup.dll and CLICK ON IT!
    it will take few seconds/minutes to load
    once it is loaded there seems to be a problem "decoding" the information to show up in proper text (showed up in symbols for me at first)....if you have this problem click Disassembler again and then go down to FONT ---> select font (choose what ever best fits you)
    2. Now hit the Search button on the top and click "Find Text"
    type: while copying Setup files
    3. Press up on the arrow key until you find JNE.....(the numbers after JNE will be different from everyone else)
    here is example of mine: jne 369B4DAF
    once it is highlighted LOOK DOWN at the status bar (when i mean look, i mean using your EYES)....
    you should see something that says "@Offset (your own number with an H at the end)
    example: @Offset 00074335h
    COPY THAT NUMBER (write it down somewhere)
    4. Close Win32Dasm

    5. Open up WinHex --->File --->Open --->winsetup.dll (same file as before)

    6. Press: ALT+G
    should be a field saying: New Position
    in the new position type in the offset number BUT remember to take off the H
    example: New Position: 00074335
    hit "okay"
    then it should automatically flash/highlight a number for you (usually a 75, 74, 85,84 can be any of those numbers depending on what it is for you)
    for me it was flashing the 5 on 75 and all i did was press 4 to change it
    so for the two digit number it will ask or allow you to change only one digit (the last one)....if its a 4, then change it to a 5, and if its a 5, then change it to 4 (pretty simple)
    7. Now if I'm correct (haven't tried it yet) you use the setup.exe file in your SOURCE FOLDER (example: C:\Windows Vista Setup\sources)

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