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Old 25-03-2009
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Whenever I start my computer, the first thing that makes me is a window titled pchnotify.exe, and It tells me that there is a problem and needs to close ...

An error comes in red cross and an "ok", both on the same end, the window closes and then nothing!

I have already made verification error during startup of the PC, analysis, antivirus, anti spy, it seems that all is well!
The worry is that I am not alone in using the pc and I am asked all the time "What is that??

So if anyone can help me ....

I have Win Xp home edition

(I have another worry on top is that the calculator does not work, it has been "relocated in memory", a problem of dll ...)

Thank you!
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Old 25-03-2009
Join Date: May 2008
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Re: pchnotify.exe

This is an error message related to HP and Compaq computers Help and Support Center. Remove it from Add/Remove programs.
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Old 25-03-2009
Join Date: Dec 2007
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Re: pchnotify.exe

To prevent pchbutton.exe and pchbutton.exe from opening use all of the following steps:
  1. Click Start , and then click Run .
  2. Type the following into the Open field: Msconfig
  3. Click OK .
  4. From the Startup tab, remove the checkmarks next to pchbutton and pchnotify if they exist.
  5. Click OK and restart the computer for the changes to take effect.
  6. After the computer restarts, a message about using Msconfig appears (Windows Me and XP only).
  7. To continue using Msconfig, click OK and then close the System Configuration window (do not restart the computer). To prevent the pop-up message from appearing again, place a checkmark next to Don't show this message again , and then click OK .
  8. NOTE: After the computer has restarted, the error should no longer appear. Even though the error does not appear, continue using the rest of these steps to make sure that the file does not open again.
  9. From Windows, click Start , and then Search .
  10. Select All files and folders .
  11. In "All or part of the filename" field, enter the following: pchbutton.exe
  12. Wait until the search has completed.
  13. From the right search results window, right-click on the first icon labeled pchbutton and select Rename.
  14. Enter bakpchbutton as the new filename.
  15. Rename any other pchbutton file in the search results window to the filename of bakpchbutton.
  16. Perform steps 8 through 12 again to find and rename the file(s) "pchnotify" to "bakpchnotify".
  17. When finished, close the Search window.
  18. The error should no longer open.
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