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Thread: Where can I download the file NTLDR.DLL

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    Where can I download the file NTLDR.DLL

    This morning my PC was giving me a problem. It tells me that the file NTLDR.DLL is missing. I searched but I can not find any way to download it. If anyone knows where it can be, it helps me alot. I would also like to know if putting it on a USB stick and make it boot before the hard disk. It would allow me to start Windows. I have Windows XP HOME SP3. Thank you

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    Re: Where can I download the file NTLDR.DLL

    It is only found on the installation disk, see your neighborhood to make you a copy of this file or reinstall it directly ...

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    Re: Where can I download the file NTLDR.DLL

    You can download all missing dll files from

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    Re: Where can I download the file NTLDR.DLL

    How we fixed NTLDR Missing on Our Computer
    We tried several of the possible soultions, but none worked well. Finally what worked was that since NTLDR was missing, we decided to substitute the NTLDR file in the right place. Since we had access to another computer, we copied the NTLDR and NTDETECT.COM which was available from the recovery CD which comes with computer. If you do not have the recovery CD, they were available from the site mentioned above or is available from another computer using the same Operating System (Windows XP in our case). The location was C:\i386\ntldr C:\i386\

    We then used a bootable disc to restart the computer (the Win XP bootable CD did not work, a Win 98 bootable CD worked). After entering MS DOS mode, these 2 files were copied to the C drive in the proper location. After restart, then pressing F10 on start up (used for system recovery on my computer), we were able to start the repair of Windows via system recovery (which was not possible earlier). This reinstalled all Windows drivers and system files, while preserving all data on my computer.

    Thus, I was saved from formatting my hard drive, learned how to make a bootable disc, learned copying files in MS DOS, how to perform system recovery and remember to keep the original PC system recovery CD safe. So before you end up formatting your hard drive, give these other options a try.

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