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Thread: To modify manufacturer properties in Vista

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    To modify manufacturer properties in Vista

    We are deploying a lot of Vista machines in your organization, so we want to consider updating the OEM information that gets shown in the System Properties. Because, this adds a nice level of customization that makes it easy for our users to know where to find support.
    Hence I need to modify manufacturer properties.
    How can I do this ?

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    Re: To modify manufacturer properties in Vista

    To modify manufacturer properties in Vista, you need edit the registry.

    Open the registry editor and navigate to this section:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE + SOFTWARE + Microsoft + Windows + CurrentVersion + OEMInformation.

    Once you get there, you'll find fields that allow you to update the following:

    - Logo (this needs to be a bitmap file)
    - Manufacturer
    - SupportHours
    - SupportPhone
    - SupportURL

    Using these fields, you can add a nice level of customization to the System Properties panel for your organization.

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    Re: To modify manufacturer properties in Vista

    If you have a computer with pre-installed Windows Vista, most likely you'll notice the manufacturer's support information when you look in the system properties window. If you'd like to customize this information or use a picture of your own in this space, you can do so easily.

    1. Right-click on Computer and choose Properties or use the Win+Break key combination to bring up the System properties screen.
    2. To edit the information in this screen, you'll need to open up your registry editor and navigate down to the following key:
    3. You can modify the following fields and put any values you'd like into them, with the exception of the Logo key, which you probably shouldn't change.
      Manufacturer | SupportHours | SupportPhone | SupportURL | Logo
    4. The last important step is to either create or modify a bitmap file stored at the location specified in the Logo key, usually set to:

    Note -
    For best results, you'll want to use a small logo file, preferably somewhere around 100100 height/width.
    Also note that copying the file to that folder will require administrative permissions.

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    Re: To modify manufacturer properties in Vista

    The information mentioned above is the ultimate solution that will fix your need. To add, you can also add the model/make with the string "Model"

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