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Thread: Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

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    Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

    I am facing a strange problem with my computer. From last week i am getting a sudeen kind of response from my computer. My computer satrts to freeze after approximately 5 hours of constant work. I noticed it it many times. I don't understand that what is letting the computer to freeze at normal working even i am not playing any games. Please provide soem views regarding this problem

    Your views will be appreciated

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    Re: Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

    Hardware: Defective or mismatched components in your computer.

    Aluminum Migration & ESD: Premature ageing and “Electro Static Discharge” can make a computer very intermittent.

    Operating System: Some versions of Windows have bugs that can cause these problems.

    Drivers: Buggy or down-level drivers can cause many problems.

    Software: Some programs have bugs in them that can cause these problems.

    Memory Fragmentation: Do you often see the message, "System is dangerously low in resources" If so you are probably suffering Memory Fragmentation.

    CMOS Settings: Improper CMOS settings can cause many problems. Changing CMOS settings can also be used to help diagnose some hardware problems.

    Loading Order: The order in which the software components of your computer are loaded into memory, at startup each day, can cause a multitude of odd problems.

    A Combination of the above: Defects in any of the above may only show up under specific circumstances.

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    Re: Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

    The same thing happened to me, and I found out that my network card was causing the problem. After replacing it, everything ran smoothly again.

    I had the problem for weeks and found it REALLY annoying. Especially when I realized that it would probably take a while before I found out what's wrong.

    Btw, I got the impression it crashed less often when I placed an extra fan on my video card.

    Well, I was running Windows XP and suddenly I got the message "network cable unplugged". Then I tried removing the network card, and it worked.

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    Re: Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

    Download and run SensorviewPro to see what your temps are. Try it when idle (just starting up) and when you put it under stress (playing a game). Also, check the voltages and post them from that program. This way, we will know what is happening in that rig.

    We may have to look at thermal paste being redone. Also, tell us what cooling fans you have, where they are placed, and which direction they are blowing.

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    Re: Computer Freezes at 5 Hours of Work

    i think i have a similar problem on my desktop computer. after a few hours of being on, the hard drive will start going crazy but i will not be able to move the mouse or type. Do you think it is the same problem. what will happen if i run 'chkconfig cpuspeed off' in a terminal?

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