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Thread: Unknown software exception (0xc0000409)

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    Unknown software exception (0xc0000409)

    when I open my pc an error message appears and my pc hangs

    <<Unknown software exception (0xc0000409) occurred in application location 0x0100c01F>>

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    Re: Unknown software exception (0xc0000409)

    As for the problem you mentioned, from a general view , it seems that the
    ASP.NET runtime on your deploy machine has encountered a fatal internal
    error. I'm not sure whether your deploy server has meet any problems on configuration before or has done any certain changes.

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    Re: Unknown software exception (0xc0000409)

    Try executing

    aspnet_regiis -u
    aspnet_regiis -i

    command to reinstall the runtime in IIS. Then, try testing simple pages in your IIS server to see whether it works.

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