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Thread: Best Distro For Linux Server

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    Hello Friends,

    I would like to set up a new development server for a Linux distro. So can any one tell me that which is the best recommended development server for a Linux distro? Does any one have any idea about about this one? Kindly suggest me your views regarding to this one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Best Distro For Linux Server

    Clark Networks has announced the availability of the first beta release of ClarkConnect 5.0, a CentOS-based distribution designed for servers and firewalls: "ClarkConnect 5.0 Beta 1 is now available. Beta 1 is certainly more stable, but it is still very buggy. The new bandwidth and QoS manager is the only missing feature. The significant changes are that features in better working order; Samba PDC/Simple Server modes are now working; user import is now available. Due to the nature of the new user/LDAP architecture, we recommend waiting until beta 2 before installing 5.0 in a real-world environment.

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    Re: Best Distro For Linux Server

    The distros I have used so far are Rad Hat 9, SuSE 9.1, Knoppix, and PCLinuxOS. The last 2 are just boot cds. I don't know much of how the others such as gentoo and debian work cause. I haven't tried them. I was looking to setup a server that would host files and possibly a website sometimes. I would also like to try doing roaming profiles, but as far as I know, Linux doesn't have support for hosting Windows XP and Windows Xp Home (which is what I am running) doesn't have support for them either (unless there is a workaround).

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    Re: Best Distro For Linux Server

    As far as i'm concern CentOS and Free BSD performs are some good otions which you can try for.

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