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Thread: Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

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    Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

    I had read something on the internet, and if that is possible, can you install another OS and run it via USB?

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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

    If you can, you just need to get some extra things like the file to operate as boot.ini, any tool to create partitions on your usb, if I recall there were some HP usb toolkit (so) and put it to the live cd in the usb.

    There are some manuals on the matter, had already sought some information, only that it planned to use the machine did not allow boot from usb (vital information), but searching is not difficult.

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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

    Try to transmit what is on each one:

    -Install Ubuntu on a USB it's very easy (for ubuntu that is). You have several ways to do this. You can burn an image on a USB and make it executable if necessary (as you have said, there is much information on it). Besides, burning an iso image to CD or DVD, you can make a LiveCD from where to install it on your USB.

    It is recommended that you partition your USB in Linux "fdisk" will be something to it I guess (or download a program but ...).

    -The other way you have to give the GNU / Linux from a USB power, but also from the boot, you can arrange virtual machine. Naturally, this depends on the capabilities of orient.

    It also has an SO ENTIRELY Encrypt such as debian. You can install on a USB and have it configured to your liking as well as power storage (encrypted logically with the power to choose to use encryption).

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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

    I only tried it with the Live CD, but I donít see any reason why it wouldnít work with the server version - the boot process is exactly the same. Some things to try if it doesnít work:

    - Make sure the hidden file ldlinux.sys appears in the root of the flash drive after you install syslinux.

    - Make sure your BIOS is set to boot from USB. Depending on BIOS, you might need to enable legacy USB support, and it may be recognised as a ZIP drive, floppy drive, or HDD.

    - Make sure youíre using FAT32 as the file system - also, if your flash drive is over 4GB you might run into problems.

    Without any real details on which point in the boot process itís failing, I canít really go into any more detail than that.

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    Re: Can I install Ubuntu on a USB stick?

    Follow the below steps :

    Plug in your USB flash drive, Insert your Ubuntu 8.10 Live-CD into your CD drive (you can also create the startup disk from the Ubuntu 8.10 Live-CD .iso file - it's up to you which way you prefer). Then go to System > Administration > Create a USB startup disk...
    ... and type in your password. The Make USB Startup Disk tool starts. It should make the right choices for the source CD and the target USB drive automatically (if you want to use the Ubuntu 8.10 .iso file, click on Other... and select it from your file system). If you just want to create a USB startup disk that you need for installing Ubuntu 8.10 on systems without a CD/DVD drive, select Discarded on shutdown, unless you save them elsewhere - the startup disk will then behave like the Live-CD, i.e., it will lose all settings and documents between reboots. If you want to have a "full" OS that saves your changes between reboots and that you can carry around in your pocket, select Stored in reserved extra space and specify how much space on your USB flash drive should be reserved for your documents and settings. Click on Make Startup Disk afterwards:
    The USB startup disk is now being created. This can take a few minutes.

    Thats it !!

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