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Thread: How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

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    How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

    Hello Friends,

    I would like to know that what is the command to find out the drives and their letters in DOS? Does any body know how do i get it? Please provide me the correct command for doing so. Any kind of solutions would be appreciated.


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    Re: How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

    Download the Win95 boot disk (which includes a generic cdrom driver)

    Put the floppy in and reboot.

    You should now be able to install Win95 from CD by typing
    d: [enter]
    setup [enter]

    Have you got the CD drive properly connected and set as either master or slave?

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    Re: How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

    Download the source (button at bottom of page) and unzip. I found that CDROM3.bat worked for OS versions up to W2K and CDROMXP.bat worked for WinXP. Don't know about Vista but I'm sure it can be tweaked because one batch file looks at a registry entry and another uses DISKPART.EXE. One of these should work for Vista.

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    Re: How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

    If you have the driver, then load it using this in CONFIG.SYS:
    where X is the drive, DIR1 and 2 make up the path (I put my drivers in the root, so they aren't in it), DRIVER.SYS is the name of the driver, and the /D:... stuff is ID info.

    Then put this in AUTOEXEC.BAT:

    If MSCDEX is in the \WINDOWS\COMMAND directory, then replace that with \DOS.

    If you don't have the driver, then copy the contents of the Win95 CDROM into a directory called MSINST in the root directory. Then put this in AUTOEXEC.BAT:

    That way, the installation will think that drive D: is a CDROM drive. When you execute D:\SETUP.EXE, it'll warn you about SUBST.EXE being present in memory. Just hit ESC to continue and ENTER to continue more.

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    Re: How do i find CD drive letter in DOS

    I went to the site that you suggested and downloaded 2 boot disks (95a &b) and tried them out. When I boot off them it says 'non-system disk or disk error', however, I used my bootdisk i already had for DOS and set it up so that I had the usual DOS screen. I put both bootdisks in (95a&b) and typed BOOT95A.EXE and it said 'this program cannot be run in DOS mode' - I tried both disks and it still came up with that message.

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