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Thread: Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

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    Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

    i have Processor : Intel Dual Core ( 2.2 Ghz)
    Ram : 1 GB DDR 2 Ram
    Hard disk : 320 GB HDD
    Optical Drive : DVD /RW
    Lan Card, 6 USB Port, Slim Cabinet,USB Keyboard & Mouse
    Model S1909 Flat Pannel LCD,installed Windows 7 beta, but the problem is it runs slower than vista,i observe that hard disk access was much less because of that.then i disable many services but the problem not solved.Any recommendations and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

    Turning off system restore actually improves performance a little!

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    Re: Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

    The Windows Features tab in Windows 7 will allow users to disable everything from the Windows Media Player, to Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. Likewise, Windows Search, .NET Framework, and other extras can be switched off by simply un-checking a button in the Windows Features application.

    The ability to quickly — and easily — disable unneeded Windows services and features will help ensure that Windows 7 is less processor intensive and runs “lighter” than Vista.

    However, disabling a Windows application does not remove or uninstall the program from the user’s computer; rather, the program will simply not be preloaded during Windows start-up, and will therefore be unavailable for use until the user re-enables it using the Windows features application again.

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    Re: Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

    Service Name - The name the service is actually called. This name is often quite cryptic while at other times easily identifiable. It comes from the General tab and cannot be modified.
    Process Name - The name of the actual process that is run when the service is activated. As you go through the services you'll no doubt wonder why svchost.exe is listed so many times as being the Process Name. The explanation can be found here. The Process Name is taken from the General tab.
    Default Settings - These are the default settings for the Home and Professional versions of os when a clean installation is performed.

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    Re: Switched off unneeded services in windows 7

    The result may be that the computer less "performance" because a lot of unnecessary memory used by background services which you do not use. by unnecessary services off, you can (depending on the composition of the computer) a proper performance profits. In the table below you will find an overview of the services on the various versions of Windows Vista are present.
    It is also a Windows version of what the default settings are recommended and what is on the service.
    These institutions offer no warranty! Depending on the configuration of your computer and use the one institution may work (and thus contribute to a performance) and the other institution failed.

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