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Thread: To run Linux AIM in Unix ?

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    To run Linux AIM in Unix ?

    hello friends,

    I want to understand the compatibility of operating of Linux AIM in another operating sysem. So is it possible for me to run Linux AIM in other Unix systems like FreeBSD?
    if anyone knows about this, then please share your ideas.....

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    Re: To run Linux AIM in Unix ?

    The different versions of AIM for Linux are available.
    Download the correct package for your system - RPM for Fedora, Red Hat,
    CentOS, deb for Debian, Ubuntu, and Knoppix. Then install accordingly.

    dpkg -i aim_1.5.286-1_i386.deb
    rpm -i aim-1.5.286-1.i386.rpm

    You should be off and running.

    I personally use Gaim, mostly because
    it has run so well for so long on Linux, and it supports all the other
    IM accounts I have.

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    Re: To run Linux AIM in Unix ?

    The new FreeBSD Ports System now includes the Linux AIM client. The port is called 'aim' and is found in the 'net' category.
    For those users who still run the old BSD, some users reported they can run it with the following conditions:

    1.) Linux Compatibility must be enabled;
    2.) The files inux files and must be placed in the /compat/linux/lib directory.

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    Re: To run Linux AIM in Unix ?

    I haven't tried installing AIM specifically on linux. However I do use Kopete since it supports AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, ICQ, MSN etc.

    It 'should' have installed by default with the rest of the KDE desktop manager.
    After you download it, just click on it from your Konqueror filemanager, and select 'Install with YaST.'
    After it is installed it should be found from your KDE menu under
    Internet > Chat > Kopete.

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