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Thread: Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD

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    Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD


    A question, is it possible to repair Windows 7 with the installation dvd? or I can reinstall by formatting the partition whole? and how please? thank you for your answers
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    Re: Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD

    You can create a disc for Windows 7 repair, refer to this tips: Create A Repair Disc For Windows 7

    or run a startup repair in Windows 7: How to run a startup repair in windows 7

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    Re: Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD

    Here are steps you need to follow o Repair install Windows 7

    Step 1
    Start the Windows 7 and log on to administrator account

    Step 2
    Disable the 3rd party antivirus, firewall or any such security program. These may interfere with the repair upgrade installation of Windows 7.

    Step 3
    Load the Windows 7 installation DVD into the DVD drive. Now click on the Run Setup.exe option in the Autoplay window from within the currently installed Windows 7.

    Step 4
    Next click on the Install Now button to start the installation

    Step 5
    Uncheck the I want to help make Windows installation better box. Following this click on the Go online to get the latest updates for installation option.

    Step 6
    Windows 7 will search online to install any available installation updates.

    Step 7
    Look for the I accept the license terms box and check it. Then click on Next.

    Step 8
    Follow it by clicking on the Upgrade option. Now the installation of Windows 7 will begin.

    Step 9
    After the final restart a blank screen appears

    Step 10
    Type in your Windows 7 product key number

    Step 11
    First uncheck the Automatically activate Windows when I'm online box at the bottom. After this click on the Next button.

    Step 12
    Now click on the Use recommended settings.

    Step 13
    Choose your Time Zone. Set the time and date setting and click on the Next button.

    Step 14
    Click on the option for your computer's location to select the correct network location type setting that has to be applied for the location.

    Step 16
    Now Windows 7 prepares your desktop to startup

    Step 17
    It's not over yet. Now, ensure that you are not missing any user file.

    Step 18
    In case some users files are missing copy them from the hidden protected operating system - C:\$INPLACE.~TR and C:\WINDOWS.~Q folders.

    Step 19
    Run the Disk Cleanup. For this click on the Clean up system file button. After this check the Files discarded by Windows upgrade box.

    Step 20
    Refresh the Windows Experience Index (WEI) score.

    Finally you are done with the repair work. Activate the Windows 7 and enjoy.

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    Re: Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD

    I have also installed 7 on a seperate HD with dual boot and XP Pro. (XP Pro first then 7 on second HD) I was very impressed with it but as it is a Beta it was difficult in regards to sound card driers and such butotherwise, ME LIKE! HOWEVER, the dual booting has caused major issue with the boot MGR and has in effect caused my sytem to completely crash. I can of course lement the quagmire of troubleshooting the problem in order to get things up and running again but honestly, reinstalling XP Pro would be faster for me. I used EASYBCD to remove 7 and then recreate the boot mgr for XP but this has caused other problems and made XP unstable. I know- XP Repair installtion but I have so many programs and things installed that I think that may not do the trick. The amont f time needed to invest is not reassuring when the whole procedure is less then bullet proof! To capitulate; I am impressed with 7 and will most likely purchase the ultimate version but only after watching others fall first. For now I will remain a faithful XP Pro and Mac OSx fan. Sumarise - Windows 7 "Beta" says it all =)

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    Re: Possible to repair Windows 7 with installation DVD

    There is also an option for users who can do a repair upgrade to install Windows 7 over Windows 7, using the same dvd or media as the first time and also different editions, language, etc. should be also identical. You should also note that there are some minor differences in the experience, because Windows 7 uses the new "image based" method of installation, which is vastly superior.

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