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Thread: Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

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    Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

    My computer has been recently attacked by some malicious files so I formatted my HDD. I am using windows 98 as an operating system and the thing is the format part got successfully done. But when it came to load windows 98 on HDD, it gave me a message MS DoS extender error. I don't know what it means and suddenly at that point of time it prompted to quit the installation of windows 98 operating system.

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    Re: Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

    DEC HEX Description

    00 00h No error
    01 01h Function number invalid
    02 02h File not found
    03 03h Path not found
    04 04h Too many open tiles (no file handles available)
    05 05h Access denied
    06 06h Invalid handle
    07 07h Memory control block destroyed
    08 08h Insufficient memory
    09 09h Memory block address invalid
    10 0Ah Environment invalid (usually >32k in length)
    11 0Bh Format invalid
    12 0Ch Access code invalid
    13 0Dh Data invalid
    14 0Eh (reserved)
    15 0Fh Invalid drive
    16 10h Attempted to remove current directory
    17 11h Not same device
    18 12h No more tiles
    19 13h Disk write-protected
    20 14h Unknown unit
    21 15h Drive not ready
    22 16h Unknown command
    23 17h Data error (CRC)
    24 18h Bad request structure length
    25 19h Seek error
    26 1Ah Unknown media type (non-DOS disk)
    27 1Bh Sector not found
    28 1Ch Printer out of paper
    29 1Dh Write fault
    30 1Eh Read fault
    31 1Fh General failure
    32 20h Sharing violation
    33 21h Lock violation
    34 22h Disk change invalid
    35 23h FCB unavailable
    36 24h Sharing buffer invalid
    37 25h (DOS 4+) code page mismatch
    38 26h (DOS 4+) cannot complete file operation (out of input)
    39 27h (DOS 4+) insufficient disk space
    40 28h (reserved)
    41 29h (reserved)
    42 2Ah (reserved)
    43 2Bh (reserved)
    44 2Ch (reserved)
    45 2Dh (reserved)
    46 2Eh (reserved)
    47 2Fh (reserved)
    48 30h (reserved)
    49 31h (reserved)
    50 32h Network request not supported
    51 33h Remote computer not listening
    52 34h Duplicate name on network
    53 35h Network name not found
    54 36h Network busy
    55 37h Network device no longer exists
    56 38h Network BIOS command limit exceeded
    57 39h Network adapter hardware error
    58 3Ah Incorrect response from network
    59 3Bh Unexpected network error
    60 3Ch Incompatible remote adapter
    61 3Dh Print queue full
    62 3Eh Queue not full
    63 3Fh Not enough space to print file
    64 40h Network name was deleted
    65 41h Network access denied
    66 42h Network device type incorrect
    67 43h Network name not found
    68 44h Network name limit exceeded
    69 45h Network BIOS session limit exceeded
    70 46h Temporarily paused
    71 47h Network request not accepted
    72 48h Network print / disk redirection paused
    73 49h (LANtastic) invalid network version
    74 4Ah (LANtastic) account expired
    75 4Bh (LANtastic) password expired
    76 4Ch (LANtastic) login attempted invalid at this time
    77 4Dh (LANtastic) disk limit exceed on network node
    78 4Eh (LANtastic) not logged in to network node
    79 4Fh (reserved)
    80 50h File exists
    81 51h (reserved)
    82 52h Cannot make directory
    83 53h Fail on INT 24h
    84 54h (DOS 3.3+) too many redirections
    85 55h (DOS 3.3+) duplicate redirection
    86 56h (DOS 3.3+) invalid password
    87 57h (DOS 3.3+) invalid parameter
    88 58h (DOS 3.3+) network write fault
    89 59h (DOS 4+) function not supported on network
    90 5Ah (DOS 4+) required system component not installed

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    Re: Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

    This error message occurs when the fault handler dispatcher in DOSX.EXE generates another cascaded fault while trying to handle a protected-mode exception. This error is usually caused by one of the following factors:
    • HIMEM.SYS is unable to control the A20 line.
    • DOS=HIGH is not functioning properly (related to HIMEM.SYS control).
    • The RAM, static RAM (SRAM), single in-line memory module (SIMM), or dynamic RAM (DRAM) chips are not functioning properly.
    • You are running DR DOS.
    • The third-party memory manager is not configured correctly.
    • The EMM386.EXE NOEMS x=A000-EFFF line is missing from the Config.sys file.
    • You have an old, out-of-date ROM BIOS.
    • Your CMOS settings are incorrect.
    • Your Windows files are old or corrupted. To test this, create a new directory on the hard drive, and install Windows in that directory.
    • Your disks are corrupted.
    • Your system is infected with the Form, Forms, Noint, or Yankee Doodle virus.

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    Re: Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

    The error is caused by one of the following:

    Attempting to set up Windows 3.1 on an operating system not formally tested by Microsoft, such as DR DOS.
    The virtual control program interface (VCPI) server being used does not implement VCPI completely or correctly. (An example of a VCPI server is EMM386.EXE.)
    Microsoft Windows 3.1 enters protected mode operation using DOSX.EXE during Setup. An operating system or VCPI server that is incompatible will cause DOSX.EXE to load improperly, thus causing Setup to fail

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    Re: Installation Error in Windows 98 Operating System

    Restart the computer to clear the machine state.
    Rename all the .INI files and .GRP files in the Windows directory to .INN and .GRN. For example, type the following at the MS-DOS command prompt:
    rename *.ini *.inn
    rename *.grp *.grn
    Delete the file WINVER.EXE from the Windows directory. This will allow Windows 3.0 to update all of the Windows files.
    Reinstall Windows 3.0 to the Windows directory with the configuration options used previously when you attempted to install Windows 3.1.
    Do not select any of the options in the graphics mode of Windows 3.0 Setup (that is, Printers, Setup applications, Read documents, modify CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.BAT).
    Copy all the .INN files and .GRN files to the same name with the original extensions (.INI and .GRP.), by typing the following at the MS-DOS command prompt:
    copy *.inn *.ini
    copy *.grn *.grp
    Copy SYSINI.W31 and WININI.W31 to SYSTEM.INI and WIN.INI, respectively, by typing the following at the MS-DOS command prompt. The .W31 files are the backup. INI files Windows 3.1 created during the attempted upgrade to Windows 3.1.
    copy sysini.w31 system.ini
    copy winini.w31 win.ini
    All OLE functionality will be intact for pre-Windows 3.1 OLE applications such as Microsoft Excel 3.0 and Microsoft Word for Windows 2.0.

    You should find a file named W8D40P2T.A4G in the Windows directory. This file is used by Windows 3.1 to start the graphics mode of setup. This file can be deleted.

    Set the values for both neededspace386 and neededspace286 to 1.

    Run Setup from the directory with the adjusted SETUP.INF. After Setup is complete, copy the Windows 3.0 SETUP.INF from Disk 1 to the Windows 3.0 SYSTEM directory.

    For additional information on making DR DOS compatible with Windows 3.1, or to obtain the DR DOS software update, please contact Digital Research. DR DOS is a registered trademark of Novell.

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