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Thread: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

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    Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    Hello everyone,
    I Want to Merge to Audio Tracks in Single File , Therefore i was looking for suitable Software although I have a tried the software that would allow me to paste two songs in a single file but I can not do it . I can cut the 2 songs but I do not know how to merge them Could you help me? if You Guys know and use Some Software similar to this please Suggest me . thanks in Advance for your replies

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    Hello , You Can Do this using Windows movie Maker and to create two audio tracks we can superimpose them. MovieMaker allows you to superimpose two audio clips using the same timeline track … though the method for doing this is not obvious. First, lay down your music clip on the timeline. Then, lay your second audio-track on the timeline AFTER the first one. To superimpose the two, you first have to move the second clip so that its starting edge touches the end of the first audio clip. Now, pick up the second audio clip again and move it to the left. You’ll see a blue “triangle” form over the first audio track … that means they are superimposing. Unfortunately, there is a problem with this method. If you try to “completely superimpose” both audio clips, (so they both start at the beginning of the movie) the second clip will try to jump in front of the first one. It’s really hard to get that second audio clip to start where you want it.

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    You may try Upload or Record your own TracksCreate an original Mix or personalize someone else's in our simple online Mixer Show off your music: email it, embed it, or just sit back and let the Jamglue community discover your talent!

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    Hello , Do you want to mix two mp3 songs together? Do you want to mix one song with a dancing music? MP3 Mixer-Recorder helps to mix to songs together. It can also record the mixed song in to mp3 format file so that you can play the mixed song in other mp3 players.MP3 Mixer-Recorder is very to use. Just load different songs into left playlist and right playlist, play the left song and right song at same time. It will mix the songs together. When it playing, you can record the mixed song by clicking button 'Record'. After recording it, you can save the mixed song by clicking button 'Save'. To get better mixing result, you can change the volume or speed of left song or right song.

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    Hello , There is a very easy way to merge to or more files. just type this command in command prompt:

    >copy /b /y "a.mp3"+"b.mp3" "c.mp3"

    so a.mp3 and b.mp3 will merge in c.mp3

    this technique is applicable for any file formate that does not have special End of file marks. and u can merge as many file as u want using more plus (+) and file name.

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    Hello , Check a Similar Thread Below Song tracks mixing software

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    Re: Two Audio Tracks in the Single File ?

    You can Try audacity It is really easy with Audacity

    1. You open the first song
    2. You also open the second song
    3. On the Edit menu select you going to do after all choose
    4. Edit menu again and you do copy
    5. You go in the first song at the end of the song then you click Edit Paste
    6. And voila you have the titles

    tell me if it works

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