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Thread: Create Bootable Cd for windows Xp sp3

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    Create Bootable Cd for windows Xp sp3


    I downloaded Window xp corporate sp 3. and burn on the cd by Nero. But I could not boot from this cd...

    Please help me, How can I make a bootable cd ...

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    Re: Bootable Cd

    To create your own bootable Windows XP SP3 CD, you’ll need the following:

    * A bootable Windows XP CD (any service pack level, Home or Professional)
    * Windows XP SP3
    * Bart’s Boot Image Extractor (BBIE)
    * Nero Burning ROM (downloadable demo available)

    You don’t have to use BBIE or Nero if you don’t want to, but this tutorial uses them. All you really need is an application which can extract the boot image from your current Windows XP CD, and a CD burning application which can utilise the boot image to create a new bootable CD. Choice of applications isn’t critical.

    used a secondary hard drive (D: ) and created two subfolders: XPSP2CD and XPSP3 (my XP CD already has SP2 slipstreamed), so I’ll use those names throughout the tutorial.

    Copy the entire contents of the XP CD to D:\XPSP2CD, but first make sure that hidden files and folders are visible and that protection of system files is turned off via Windows Explorer.

    To check this, go to Tools/Folder Options/View, check the radio button for “Show hidden files and folders” and make sure the checkbox next to “Hide protected operating system files” is unchecked.

    Next, copy the SP3 standalone file (windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe) to D:\XPSP3. To extract the contents of the file you can use a file archiver like WinRar, but more simply just go Start/Run and type in:

    D:\XPSP3\windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe –x
    This launches an extraction dialogue box. Extract the files to D:\XPSP3, and once that’s done you can delete the original SP3 file as it won’t be needed any more.

    Download BBIE and extract the files to a local folder (in my case, D:\BBIE).
    Then, open a Command Windows, navigate to D:\BBIE and run the following command:

    bbie x:
    (Where x: is the optical drive with the XP CD.)
    BBIE will search the CD for any available boot images, and extract them using an image1.bin, image2.bin, etc naming convention. There should only be one boot image on the XP CD.
    BBIE also can extract boot images from ISOs – just change the command to:

    bbie x:\cdimage.iso
    (Where x: is the folder containing the ISO, and cdimage.iso is the filename.)
    The image1.bin will be stored in the active folder (D:\BBIE).

    To integrate the service pack, go Start/Run and enter the following command:

    D:\XPSP3\i386\update\update.exe /integrate: D:\XPSP2CD
    for above command remove the space between bold letters :and D

    Note that there’s no space between /integrate: and D:\XPSP2CD. The upgrade program will launch and install the service pack into the locally cached CD, and confirm once it’s done.

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    Re: Bootable Cd

    Is your xp cd is correct. Because in some cds we can't able to boot it.

    or set your bios by using f10. It takes to boot order and change it.

    is your dvd drive is working properly.

    if you check that dvd/cd is working properly before formatting the harddisk

    any how check your dvd by connecting it to your friends computer. To know about whether it is working properly.

    or gave it to any repair center check it or it will be fault of windows cd. Have a windows cd from your friend and install the xp

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    Re: Create windows Xp sp3 Bootable Cd

    If I understand softwareguy correctly, it can boot if the drive is connected as master on the primary channel so the problem seems to be one of just setting the boot sequence right.

    Of course, sherman1 could be right, my own MOBO won't let me boot from the CDROM either, even when I make a bootable CD and set it up in the BIOS; I have'nt really looked into it. My motherboard uses an Award BIOS as well and the Boot-up sequence is in one of the pages, very obvious.

    If you really can't change the boot sequence from your BIOS (which I doubt!) then there are DOS utilities around that can get into the CMOS parameters directly - can't give you names off the bat, though. I suggest you make a search under CMOS and BIOS in Google. I'll be looking into it myself out of curiosity.

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    Re: Create Bootable Cd for windows Xp sp3

    Instead of doind those things, I got a cd Windows Xp Sp3 from one of my friend , but i can boot from that cd.

    So, If i burn this cd by Nero, It will boot ?

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