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Thread: OpenSuse problem of access

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    OpenSuse problem of access

    Hello to all.

    So, I OpenSuse Linux I have two user profiles: "root" and "user", both with password (different).

    Yesterday, I tried to enter a user, but after entering the password, the screen was darkened first, then instead of logging in, return to the previous screen and then asked me again the login ... after several restarts, I managed to come in and Use the PC well.

    From this morning I have another problem, with the differences that many restarts with the problem persists.
    Nell'utente "root" can well to enter, but inexplicably can not connect to the modem via the wireless ...

    Now I wonder: what on earth happened? How can I fix? I'm thinking to format everything and install a beautiful windows XP Professional.
    I wanted to ask: with windows xp can connect to the modem via wireless?

    I would like to restore the system with Linux in order not to lose time and data, otherwise I would install windows ...

    What do you recommend to do?
    thank you

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    Re: OpenSuse problem of access

    I do not have a ready solution to your problem, of course format and change so I think a far too radical ...

    Sometimes I wonder for which reason some choose to install gnu / linux ...

    Try for example to delete (as root obviously) the file with your definitions of DE (which you could specify). you can save and still be saved by deleting the root account and then recreate it.

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    Re: OpenSuse problem of access

    The behavior you have described and 'very similar to a crash of X, try to check the logs.

    Other grounds for error may be:
    You do not have the correct permissions for your home.
    You do not have the correct permissions for / tmp

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    Re: OpenSuse problem of access

    probably there is a crash somewhere in the graphics, use KDE4?
    As you update from?
    I did jump across the interface, instead of slamming on the day after I updated the mode 'console (the console screen in the options below, choose terminal console) by typing:
    password entered

    YaST will part ways in 'graphics terminal, you move with tab and arrow keys, select with sending and space
    do an upgrade, you've probably had my same update (but I 'had the backports repository and factory ...)

    alternative, as root, enter the folder of your home, it'll show hidden files and folder. we are all kde settings kde and its software (kmail etc) clears everything except what 'you need (like if kmail uses, not the delete etc)

    reboot with ctrl-alt-backspace, and the login should reset the kde desktop, of course you lose the settings plasmoidi and similar ...
    I with the upgrade process, I avoided losing my plasma configurations

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