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Thread: Download a DOS clone which has Graphical User Interface

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    Download a DOS clone which has Graphical User Interface

    What is the fuzz all about?

    OpenGEM is a distribution of FreeGEM, a graphical user interface (GUI) for DOS. OpenGEM is a non-multitasking 16-bit GUI.

    OpenGEM is designed to provide commercial quality software for DOS users. In this it differs from projects like the now defunct SEAL GUI, or the unmaintained Desktop2 GUI. For the OpenGEM development team usability and support has always been as important as the code itself. This is because OpenGEM is intended to provide a GUI system and windowing framework for the FreeDOS operating system.

    OpenGEM has been developed since 2001 by the Shane Land website, and is free software released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

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    Re: Download a DOS clone which has Graphical User Interface

    OpenGEM is available in several different forms:

    OpenGEM Core is a small, compact GUI that requires less than one megabyte of space to install. It is designed to run on Intel 8086 and above PCs. OpenGEM Core uses a combination of code from Digital Research GEM 3.13 and the FreeGEM community to provide a simple but powerful windowing system. It features automatic drive detection, new icons, a new system font and 3D windows.

    OpenGEM Complete contains all the files packaged with OpenGEM Core, along with word processing, spreadsheet, DTP, graphical tools, an experimental web browser, and other applications.

    OpenGEM Deutsch is the German version of the OpenGEM software. Its functionality is comparable to OpenGEM Core, though the desktop currently used in OpenGEM Deutsch is slightly older.

    OpenGEM/XM is the current Beta software project. It is a multi-tasking version of OpenGEM Complete. The desktop interface is currently basic, and issues exist with printing. It can be directly downloaded.

    OpenGEM Core, Complete, Deutsch and OpenGEM/XM have a system for updating system code, and installing new applications through packages on the Shane Land OpenGEM website. All four versions of OpenGEM also feature configuration tools, and a special feature to recover the system if code becomes corrupted.

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    Re: Download a DOS clone which has Graphical User Interface

    The latest version Out is OpenGEM 5 which is about 4.44MB only!

    Compatibility :

    OpenGEM works with FreeDOS Beta 9 and above, DR-DOS 5 and above, MS-DOS 3.3 and above, IBM PC-DOS 3.3 and above, and REAL/32, and DOSBox 0.65. OpenGEM will function on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP systems, though there are reports of the system hanging, especially under Windows 2000 and Windows XP

    Download Here

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