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Thread: How to partition to install ubuntu

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    How to partition to install ubuntu

    I am using windows XP in that i want to install ubuntu. i want to know how to partition to install another OS as ubuntu


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    Re: How to partition to install ubuntu

    You insert the Ubuntu installation CD in the drive and following the instructions everything will be all alone: creation of the Linux partition and multiboot (grab memory).

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    Re: How to partition to install ubuntu

    Install windows XP on the partition of your choice on your hard drive. Until then not need to explain I guess.

    You do not need any external software to boot.

    Then you download Ubuntu on the official site, the version you want of course the file is not an executable (any executable can be linux) it is. ISO it should be burned to a CD (with Nero for example) and then insert it into your drive and restart the PC. The computer will boot from the CD normally, we will ask you what language, choose English, and what you want but good after all.

    Take the time to install ubuntu. Follow the directions, you have no need for me to choose language and time zone is not it?

    Then comes the moment of the place or install Ubuntu, you can choose the space allocated to the OS, simply by moving the size of partitions on your disk .

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    Re: How to partition to install ubuntu

    Once the chosen partition the installation will begin, take a cup of coffee (see two) and then Ubuntu will begin and the first time it will settle things still made sure to be connected to the Internet by linux to require information on the net to settle some things. Finally you will see because everything is marked.

    Once installation is complete, restart your PC and there! Oh great miracle! A table is displayed with:

    1 - Ubuntu (make sure ubuntu has three line in the table)

    Ubuntu boot by default after 10 seconds.

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