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Thread: Windows Vista Slow at Login Screen

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    Windows Vista Slow at Login Screen

    since purchasing the laptop (toshiba p300-1gl) vista is very slow to display the login screen.
    Let me explain, after the loading bar with the vista logo "please wait" appears for 2 or 3 min before displaying the area or I can type my passwords.
    At first I think to disable everything that was not necessary to boot, but finally it made no difference.
    What to do?

    Otherwise, after concerns that the PC works very well with no problem at all.
    Thank you

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    Re: Windows Vista Slow at Login Screen

    any chance trying to verify the integrity of your hard drives (hard drive properties, tools, check, check the 1st option, and start planning for the verification and reboot)
    otherwise it can come from a driver which is not installed, check with the device manager if there is any yellow warning appearing in the list ...

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    Re: Windows Vista Slow at Login Screen

    Have you installed graphics drivers? Run Windows Update perhaps? A BIOS update might help as well. Test your hard drive?

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    Re: Windows Vista Slow at Login Screen

    Vista does take longer to boot on a laptop. How is the speed of operation once your system is booted? Is normal speed of operation good enough?

    Slow boot can be related to having too many programs starting up when you boot. OEM's often load computers down with unnecessary startup software, or you could even have malware being started up. You need to be careful doing this, but you can run a program called "msconfig" on your laptop, and see all the programs that are started when your laptop boots. If you go through those programs, and be sure that you understand what each one is, disable those that you're sure you don't need, or that are known malware/spyware. But be very careful, as laptops have startup programs that are needed for the hardware that are not present on desktops, like software for the built-in touchpad, and so on. And your antivirus software starts at this point, as well. Don't turn off anything that you don't know what it's for.

    At any rate, if you can turn off some programs that are not needed at startup time using "msconfig", your boot will run faster.

    But again, be careful, read about this on the internet before you do it, and make sure that you understand which programs that your computer needs at startup.
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