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Thread: What is Unix, BSD, GNU, Linux, BeOS ?

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    What is Unix, BSD, GNU, Linux, BeOS ?

    Hello Can You Please Provide me the the Details Information about the Following term that Belong to Linux community , I was Always Wondering what was the difference between them , Thanks in Advance for Your Suggestion

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    Re: What is Unix, BSD, GNU, Linux, BeOS ?

    About Other I m really Confused but Here is Some info about Linux

    • Linux is a kernel. It was written by Linus Torvalds in 1991 to enable it to use the GNU tools (not running on time and on Unix workstations) on PC (x86).
    • It was developed by Linus with the help of Andrew S. Tanenbaum and his students. Inspired early minix, it was rapidly independent of any source code of Minix.
    • Very quickly, Linus put his project under GNU GPL, which helped to initiate a virtuous circle of sharing, and improvements to time. The efforts of the community thus created allowed the GNU + Linux system to be used by millions of users (estimated in 2000), both personally and professionally.

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    Re: What is Unix, BSD, GNU, Linux, BeOS ?

    Here is the what i know about the BSD and Gnu As for BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) it is a free operating system developed by the University of Berkeley (USA), and based on Unix System V (I think). The majority of the system is under BSD license (which allows ownership of source code by qqn) and the GNU: The GNU Project was launched by Richard Stallman in 1984 to create a free operating system and complete and, according to his words, "bring the spirit of cooperation that prevailed in the computing community in the old days" GNU is a recursive acronym for "GNU's Not Unix" (literally, GNU's Not UNIX). However, given that UNIX was already widespread and that its overall architecture had proven technically, the GNU system was designed to be compatible with it.

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    Re: What is Unix, BSD, GNU, Linux, BeOS ?

    Hello Here some Information From Wikipedia about the Hurd (usually referred to as the Hurd) is a free software computer operating system kernel, released under the GNU General Public License. It consists of a set of servers (or daemons, in Unix terminology) that work on top of a microkernel; together they form the kernel of GNU. The Hurd aims to surpass Unix kernels in functionality, security, and stability, while remaining largely compatible with them.HURD is a mutually recursive acronym, standing for HIRD of Unix-Replacing Daemons, where HIRD stands for HURD of Interfaces Representing Depth. It is also a play on the words herd of gnus, reflecting how it works


    BeOS was an operating system for personal computers which began development by Be Inc. in 1991. It was first written to run on BeBox hardware. BeOS was optimized for digital media work and was written to take advantage of modern hardware facilities such as symmetric multiprocessing by utilizing modular I/O bandwidth, pervasive multithreading, preemptive multitasking and a custom 64-bit journaling file system known as BFS. The BeOS GUI was developed on the principles of clarity and a clean, uncluttered design. The API was written in C++ for ease of programming. It has POSIX compatibility and access to a command line interface through Bash, although internally it is not a Unix-derived operating system.

    Hope it will Help you

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