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Thread: Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

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    ohmy Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

    Hello Everybody

    I had installed Windows Xp on my system. My system seems to be full of viruses, so i decided to format my C drive. At the time of installation process it had asked me to press a button which was shown on my DOS screen. After that it gave me an error message that Windows could not start because of the following file is missing or had been corrupted <Windows root> \ system32 \ hal.dll. Now it's asking me to re-install a copy of the above file. Another problem is that even my CD-ROM is not accepting anything. Can any one help me out to resolve this issue? Any help on this would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

    Follow the below steps to resolve your issue.

    1) Restart the PC. The hal.dll error could be a fluke.

    2) Check for proper boot order in BIOS. You might see the hal.dll error if the boot order in BIOS is first looking at a hard drive other than your main hard drive.

    Note: If you've recently changed your boot order or recently flashed your BIOS, this may be what's causing your problem.

    3) Run Windows XP System Restore from a command prompt. If this doesn't work or you're receiving the hal.dll error message before you're able to complete this process, move on to the next step.

    4) Repair or replace the boot.ini file. This will work if the cause of the problem is actually Windows XP's boot.ini file and not the hal.dll file, which is often times the case.

    5) Write a new partition boot sector to the Windows XP system partition. If the partition boot sector has become corrupt or isn't properly configured, you may receive the hal.dll error.

    6) Restore the hal.dll file from the Windows XP CD. If the hal.dll file is truly the cause of the problem, restoring it from the original Windows XP CD may do the trick.

    7) Perform a repair installation of Windows XP. This type of installation should replace any missing or corrupt files. Continue troubleshooting if this does not resolve the issue.

    8) Perform a clean installation of Windows XP. This type of installation will completely remove Windows XP from your PC and install it again from scratch.

    Note: While this will almost certainly resolve any hal.dll errors, it is a time consuming process due to the fact that all of your data must be backed up and then later restored.

    Important: If you can't gain access to your files to back them up, understand that you will lose them all if you continue with a clean installation of Windows XP.

    9) Replace the hard drive. Finally, if all else has failed, including the clean installation from the last step, you're most likely facing a hardware issue with your hard drive.

    Perform a new installation of Windows XP after installing the new hard drive.

    Hope so it may help you out to resolve your issue.

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    Re: Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

    If that does not work, reboot again and enter the recovery console


    expand d:\i386\hal.dl_ c:\windows\system32\hal.dll.

    (this assumes you have a single harddrive and your cd-rom drive is D:

    Substitute d: for the drive letter of your CD if it is different

    Then restart your PC.

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    Re: Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

    Follow the steps below:

    • In ur BIOS set CD-ROM has 1st Boot Device.
    • Insert XP Setup CD, to boot from CD.
    • After the intial loading of drivers is over, on the Welcome to Setup Screen with 3 options; Press R key, to "Repair XP installtion using Recovery Console".
    • U will be prompted for Adminstrator account's password. Press Enter if the password was blank.
    • Type the following commands, and press enter after each one:

    • Attrib -H -R -S C:\Boot.ini

    (where C: is the partition where XP was installed)
    • DEL C:\Boot.ini
    • BootCfg /Rebuild
    • Fixboot

    • Reboot your PC

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    Re: Missing or corrupt Hal.dll file

    We have checks and steps you need to follow to fix this error.

    Step 1: Check the boot device order in BIOS. For this follow the steps below:

    • Restart your computer and keep pressing the Delete button on keyboard. This will take you to BIOS screen.
    • Go to Boot Menu in BIOS and verify that your hard disk which contains Windows installation is the topmost in boot sequence if you have more than one hard disk.

    Step 2: If the above step does not solve your problem, then you need to repair the boot.ini file.

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