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Thread: How to bypass BIOS Password

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    How to bypass BIOS Password

    I bought a laptop last week. I have a need to enter the BIOS setup. During boot, I press F2 and am asked to enter a password that neither of us knows. Does anyone know where I can locate such a password, or bypass the need to enter one?

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    Re: How to bypass BIOS Password

    I will try to help you out in this case but remember that laptops can be trickier, especially if it's a newer model. If it has a security chip on the motherboard forget about it. You either have to physically remove the chip or contact the mfg for the "master" password. If you can boot up off of a cd or floppy try any of these methods:

    1. Create a Win98SE bootable media "or anything that lets you boot into MS-DOS" and boot off of it.

    2. When the A:\> prompt appears type debug and press enter.

    3. You will then only see a "-".

    4. Type o 70 2E "include the spaces" and press Enter.

    5. Type o 71 ff "include the spaces" and press Enter.

    6. Type q and press Enter.

    Here are a list of common mfg backdoor passwords:
    1. AWARD BIOS:-

    AWARD SW, AWARD_SW, Award SW, AWARD PW, _award, awkward, J64, j256, j262, j332, j322, 01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598, HLT, SER, SKY_FOX, aLLy, aLLY, Condo, CONCAT, TTPTHA, aPAf, HLT, KDD, ZBAAACA, ZAAADA, ZJAAADC, djonet, %шесть пpобелов%, %девять пpобелов%

    2. AMI BIOS:-
    Other passwords you may try (for AMI/AWARD or other BIOSes) - LKWPETER, lkwpeter, BIOSTAR, biostar, BIOSSTAR, biosstar, ALFAROME, Syxz, Wodj gvs

    Try this , i hope your problem will get solved

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    Re: How to bypass BIOS Password

    Most laptop manufacturers have provided additional safeguards for their computers. I am aware of any simple BIOS recovery program that works on laptops, nor I aware of any simple backdoor passwords for these machines. BIOS passwords in most laptops are stored in a special chip on the motherboard and the only way to bypass this password is to replace this laptop security chip. Laptop BIOS passwords cannot be bypassed or reset by removing or shorting the CMOS battery. Further, doing this may cause other system errors and complicate the recovery or your system.

    you might neet replacement laptop security chips. These chips will allow you to bypass the laptop BIOS password. Note that these chips will require soldering on the system board. Since these chips store the laptop BIOS passwords, replacing the laptop security chip will remove the BIOS password. However, if a hard disk lock password has been set, it will remain. Passwords can be recovered from the original chip removed from the system board using our Password Recovery Service (PRS) for an additional fee. Since the BIOS password and hard disk lock passwords are usually the same, recovering the BIOS password from the old chip may allow you to access the hard disk. However, this is not guaranteed, since these passwords can be set independently. All replacement chips include detailed instructions. Password Crackers, Inc. cannot take any responsibility for damage to system boards, computers or data.

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    The best method to reset a BIOS password depends on what BIOS the computer has. Common BIOS's include AMI, Award, IBM and Phoenix. Numerous other BIOS's do exist, but these are the most common.

    Some BIOS's allow you to require a password be entered before the system will boot. Some BIOS's allow you to require a password to be entered before the BIOS setup may be accessed.

    The general categories of solutions to reset a BIOS password are:
    1. Using a Backdoor BIOS Password
    2. Resetting the BIOS Password using Software
    3. Resetting the BIOS Password using Hardware
    4. Vendor Specific Solutions for resetting the BIOS Password

    Now let me tell you one by one:-

    1. Using a Backdoor BIOS Password

    Some BIOS manufacturers implement a backdoor password. The backdoor password is a BIOS password that works, no matter what the user sets the BIOS password to. These passwords are typically used for testing and maintenance. Manufacturers typically change the backdoor BIOS passwords from time to time.

    2. AMI Backdoor BIOS Passwords

    Reported AMI backdoor BIOS passwords include A.M.I., AAAMMMIII, AMI?SW , AMI_SW, BIOS, CONDO, HEWITT RAND, LKWPETER, MI, and PASSWORD.

    3. Award Backdoor BIOS Passwords

    One reported Award backdoor BIOS password is eight spaces. Other reported Award backdoor BIOS passwords include 01322222, 589589, 589721, 595595, 598598 , ALFAROME, ALLY, ALLy, aLLY, aLLy, aPAf, award, AWARD PW, AWARD SW, AWARD?SW, AWARD_PW, AWARD_SW, AWKWARD, awkward, BIOSTAR, CONCAT, CONDO, Condo, condo, d8on, djonet, HLT, J256, J262, j262, j322, j332, J64, KDD, LKWPETER, Lkwpeter, PINT, pint, SER, SKY_FOX, SYXZ, syxz, TTPTHA, ZAAAADA, ZAAADA, ZBAAACA, and ZJAAADC.

    4. Phoenix Backdoor BIOS Passwords

    Reported Phoenix BIOS backdoor passwords include BIOS, CMOS, phoenix, and PHOENIX.

    5. Backdoor BIOS Passwords from Other Manufacturers

    Reported BIOS backdoor passwords for other manufacturers include:

    Manufacturer BIOS Password
    VOBIS & IBM merlin
    Dell Dell
    Biostar Biostar
    Compaq Compaq
    Enox xo11nE
    Epox central
    Freetech Posterie
    IWill iwill
    Jetway spooml
    Packard Bell bell9
    Siemens SKY_FOX
    Toshiba Toshiba

    guess you got what you want...

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