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Thread: Updates downloaded but installation fails

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    Updates downloaded but installation fails

    I mistakenly downloaded the SP3 update from the site WinUpdate. Not yet sure you want to install (after several opinions for and against) and to avoid installing it at the end - as I asked each time the system - I would delete it.

    I tried to find the folder Windows / software distribution / downloads but I failed to identify him among many folders and files.

    Is there some way to find it? (symbol, weight ...) or can be in another folder? (Windowx XP Home Edition SP2)

    Thanks for the help

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    Re: Updates downloaded but installation fails

    If you did not request a particular folder when you download (ie, if instead of save and choose the folder you chose you) then it should be in the temporary folder.
    Try the "search" of windows, use the word "service pack 3.

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    Re: Updates downloaded but installation fails

    Unfortunately I do not have a dedicated folder, but in fact I did not know you could do and even search through Windows is paid off.
    Some other suggestion? Unfortunately I have heard opinions differ on this update so I would not even install!

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    Re: Updates downloaded but installation fails

    Check for not having malware on your PC, do a full Scandisk, then disable all the protections (even those that are in the background) and complete the update of SP3 (if you can already download the update without being connected, complete the further update after the restart).
    On the PC "on site" there are no problems, indeed, to anyone then it works better.
    One particular to consider: If you have already installed IE7 and want to keep open the option to uninstall it after SP3, IE7 so you must first uninstall then install SP3, and finally reinstall.

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