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Thread: Windows Vista can't recognize my PSP

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    Windows Vista can't recognize my PSP

    My Vista not recognizing my sony psp . when i connect my psp ,Vista its gives message like instert your disc that comes with PSP. please is there any driver i need to download? PSP Model 1004. thanks in advance.

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    Re: Windows Vista can't find my PSP

    Hello ,

    Firstly plug your usb connectoin into both ends of your computer. Next go on your psp , go to settings and go up to USB Connection and click x ( this will make psp send a message to your computer that it is ready to communicate basically) . Now the only way to place stuff from your computer to your psp is by having a memory stick for the psp without a memory stick you cant do this.

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    Re: Windows Vista can't find my PSP

    There's nothing wrong with vista, i have vista on 3 of my psp and it works with no problem. It might be and error on your os system files or something is wrong with your psp.

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    Re: Windows Vista can't find my PSP

    You don't install the psp, you just connect the usb cable to the psp and computer usb port. Turn on the pspand go to setting and go to usb mode. Your psp will connect to your computer and a box will show up picking up that your psp is connected to the psp. Drag and drop files like music and demos to the folders like for example put songs in music and demos in games.

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