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Thread: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

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    How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    I am having a laptop which had Windows 2000 installed. I upgraded to Windows XP. Now, upon bootup, I get the option to start either XP or 2000. Is it possible to remove windows 2000 without damaging the XP upgrade or files installed after the upgrade ?


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    Re: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    The method of removing Windows 2000 from a dual boot system is basically the same as above with one additional complication - the Windows 2000 Boot Loader. The Boot Loader is basically the programme that creates the menu you see when booting, asking which Operating System you wish to use. The Boot Loader menu, together with the length of time time that the menu is displayed come from the information contained in the boot.ini file. In order to remove Windows 2000 therefore, it is also necessary to remove this Boot Loader programme: this is done by using the SYS command from the Windows 9X Boot Disk to transfer control of the boot process to Windows 9X e.g. "SYS C:". This can also be done whilst using Windows 9X, from a Command Prompt. Once the Boot Loader is removed you can then remove the Windows 2000 files.

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    Re: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    See this thread : How to remove Windows NT or Windows 2000 from computer it will help you

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    Re: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    Right click My Computers and select Properties. Under the Advanced tab, there should be a Settings button in the Startup and Recovery area. Select that. It should pop up another menu. Under that menu, deselect the Time to display list of operating systems and under Default operating systems and now you choose windows XP.

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    Re: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    U still useing win 2000?
    Macy guide u right path.

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    Re: How to remove Windows 2000 ?

    you can do it easily if you have CD drive Other wise you have to download from microsoft download center

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