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Thread: Activation phone number for Windows Vista

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    Activation phone number for Windows Vista

    I have the phone number for activation but for the U.S. it is in german language or something and I dont have any clue what to do with that number. Is there any another number that is in English. Plese help me. Thank you.

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    Re: Activation phone number for Windows Vista

    There should be a number in the activation wizard for Windows Vista Activation.

    Or you can also call (800) 936-5700 and ask for activation. If you are in US or Canada this number will work. Ask for activation. Otherwise use another number here dirctly given on MS:
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    Re: Activation phone number for Windows Vista

    Occassionally some Windows Vista user may need to activate his or her copy of Windows Vista operating system through phone activation, such as in situation where the computer is offline without Internet access. Other possible reason to use phone to activate instead of automatic online activation is failure or facing problem to activate Vista online, and user have to fallback to alternative.

    Windows Vista customer normally have to activate all editions of the OS through Microsoft’s activation server, with the exception of preinstalled OEM (recovery) copies of Vista. For OEM version of Windows Vista, Microsoft no longer provides any support. User must contact the OEM to activate the OS, where the contact information should be included in the support documentation that came with your computer or OEM Vista installation CD/DVD package. However, an OEM (retail) version of Windows Vista installation DVD that is bought separately and did not come preinstalled on a OEM computer is still supported by Microsoft.

    For most users, activation process normally starts with attempt to activate Vista online. Online activation is simple and effective way to activate the copy of installed Vista, and when it fails or cannot activate successfully, then user can opt to activate by phone. If you want to skip and bypass online activation and go straight to activate Vista by phone (i.e. in the case of offline PC with no Internet connection, do these steps:

    1. Click on Start Menu.
    2. Type slui.exe 4 into Start Search, and then press Enter.
    3. Go to step 10.

    For more information go to this link.

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    Re: Activation phone number for Windows Vista

    many people having the same problem with you.
    the solution is easy
    call the microsoft in provided phone number and tell them
    to activate your copy of windows.
    it will tell that is been already activated, you will answer that you know that because you have activated that copy of windows ,and a format was needed thats why you call them

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