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Thread: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

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    Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll


    Following problems with IE6, I tried to solve a little by making the following manipulations by Start\Execute:

    RegSvr32 Mshtml.dll answer: successful
    RegSvr32 actxprxy.dll answer: successful
    RegSvr32 Oleaut32.dll answer: successful
    RegSvr32 actxprxy.dll answer: successful
    RegSvr32 Shdocvw.dll But here is my message "DllregisterServer32 in shdocvw.dll failed"

    I search desperately for download but Shdocvw.dll , this file got corrupted after automatic update to IE6 security The versions I found are much earlier, and I fear making a mistake by downloading and replacing the dll file that is in C: \ Windows \ System32. -If you have an idea, it would be valuable, thank you!

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    Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    shdocvw.dll is a process belonging to the Microsoft Windows program . shdocvw.dll is a library used by Windows applications to add basic file and networking operations.You can download the latest Version of it from Here

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    Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    Hi , You can try restoring your windows system , it is possible that this file might get reloaded or also you can try download internet explorer update
    from Here

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    Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    You have trouble because you don't have the sufficient privileges or control on that Library for some reason, either of infection or lack of Control/Permissions.Did you logged as Local Admin to perform this procedure of re-register the DLLs?.
    open run command and type in:
    • regsvr32 shdocvw.dll
    • regsvr32 oleaut32.dll
    • regsvr32 urlmon.dll

    If the above didn't help try the Registry:
    • Open a run command and type in: regedit
    • click [OK] locate this Key:
    • HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\shdocvw.dll Right click the subkey and
    • select permission,
    • grant your account Full Control and close the Permission Window.

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    Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    IE6 before XP SP2 and in other Windows versions can be repaired from Control Panel/Software. This repair consists mostly of the reregistration of a bunch of dlls and a reset of the web settings. This isn't possible anymore with XP SP2 and up. As an alternative the developers added a new comand line switch to IE that is supposed to do the reregistration part.

    "iexplore /rereg" in Start/Run should reregister all dlls used by IE and cure most problems that are caused by other programs writing wrong values to the registry. Unfortunately, the list of commands for /rereg contains quite a few mistakes, so that the repair is "throttled" very early on and doesn't repair much. In the current form it's useless.

    As a replacement I started to offer this IE repair script that will do just the same that /rereg should do, just correctly, and I added a bit more over time. Download, unpack it, close IE and run ie-rereg.cmd. You can either run it with a double-click or in a command window. The script will then register and install (if suitable) all known dlls that are used by IE. Please be patient, this can take a while (up to a few minutes) because the registration of a certain crypto-related dll takes very long. Wait until the command window has closed before you start using IE again. Don't forget to close IE before running the script!

    This script can be used for all IE versions on all Windows platforms. It may not function 100% on all of them, but what it can do will be done, it won't be confused by errors. As far as I know it cannot do any harm.

    (You should have the latest updates for IE installed. If you are not up-to-date and have a certain version of the so-called EOLAS patch installed you might run into trouble! The trouble with this patch is fixed with the Cumulative Security Update Aprill 2006.)

    Download the Fix from here

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    cool Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    Sorry for bringing up this thread again but it was lacking a clear resolution. As I came across it twice while searching Google for "register shdocvw.dll 0x8002801c" I thought it was a good idea to post here what helped me solving the problem.

    Actually Jesse was on the right track - the problem is caused by missing write permissions for the local Admin. I was able to track it down like this:

    1. Find out what the error code means:
    -2147319780 (8002801C)    Error accessing the OLE registry.
    2. Find out what might be causing errors accessing the OLE registry:

    When registering a DLL, you get the following error: DllRegisterServer in COM failed. Return code was: 0x8002801c
       1. Make sure that you are logged into the computer as local Administrator, or are part of the local Administrator group.
       2. To identify which registry key is causing the problem use Regmon (a freeware tool published by SysInternals). Use Regmon to capture all registry access when regsvr32 is run. If an ‘OpenKey’ request fails with ‘Access Denied’ (which is listed by Regmon as ‘ACCDENIED’) then run regedt32 and check the permissions on that registry key. If necessary change the permissions on the key to grant local Administrators ‘Full Control’.
       3. Finally, try registering the COM object again.
    I downloaded and ran regmon, filtered for RegSvr32 and voila, where was an access error for a SetValue to a typelib subkey of an interface. Opened regedt32, gave admin full access rights and immediately regsvr32 worked, error gone. :-)

    Please see attached image for the exact key (under HKCR/Interfaces) to change permissions.


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    Re: Unable to Register Shdocvw.dll

    Thanks a lot for the reply... I did the same stuff and i got the error to disappear... Thanks again....

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