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Thread: Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

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    Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

    hi there

    I have been facing this problem but no solution from colleagues or google.I don't know what is going wrong.
    I have my main OS Hard Drive corrupted.
    The problem is I dont have an another copy of Windows Vista operating system for my main hard drive so temporarily using Windows XP Professional.
    so my question is how do I do an event slipstream using a software called n-lite?
    is this the good software program for this situation?
    just help me out guys please.

    Your views will be appreciated

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    Re: Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

    yes n-lite is the best for this. download the latest southbridge driver for your mobo and integrate it using n-lite

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    Re: Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

    With Intel, you just use nLite and you're done, it's very easy and you don't have to take the driver apart.

    If you have the possibility at all, try to find an old floppy drive and create a SATA driver floppy disk instead. Or switch to IDE emulation mode, or install Vista.

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    Re: Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

    follow these instruction:

    Navigate to \Drivers\Chipset\AHCI\XP

    Copy the x86 folder to e.g. c:\. Also copy the txtsetup.oem into c:\x86\

    Open txtsetup.oem (the copy in c:\x86\) in Notepad.

    Under [Disks], you have this line:
    disk1 = "ATI AHCI Compatible RAID Controller Driver Diskette", \ahcix86, \x86

    change it to:
    disk1 = "ATI AHCI Compatible RAID Controller Driver Diskette", \ahcix86, \

    Then delete the line "disk2 = "ATI AHCI Compatible RAID Controller Driver Diskette", \ahcix64, \x64"

    Delete this entire section:
    inf = disk2, ahcix64.inf
    driver = disk2, ahcix64.sys, ahcix64
    catalog = disk2,

    Scroll down, and you have a big section beginning with:
    id = "PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_4380&SUBSYS_E0361631", "ahcix64"
    id = ...
    id = ...

    Delete that entire section. *MAKE SURE* you delete the correct section. The section above it also contains alot of "id =..." lines, but they end with "ahcix86" instead of "ahcix64". You need to keep that section intact as it's for the x86 driver.

    Also, at the end of the file, delete:
    value = "", Tag, REG_DWORD, 1

    Tidy up the file a bit - leave only one empty line between sections, and remove any blank lines at the end of the file.

    Now you can use nLite to slipstream the drivers normally. It will recognize the AHCI driver as a "Text-mode" driver, and a window will pop up where you can select the driver (there's only one driver to select from in the pop-up window). Then just create a bootable image and burn it with Nero (the built-in burn feature in nLite causes a coaster on my system every time). This part is really very easy and self explanatory. Now you can safely reboot, change SATA mode to AHCI (or probably RAID too if you want), and re-install Windows.

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    Re: Slipstreaming My Hard drive Drivers

    Check this one:

    1. Insert the original Windows Vista DVD disk and start vLite (install the program if you haven’t done that already).
    2. Browse for the folder that contains your Windows Vista files (i.e., your DVD Drive letter). vLite will now copy all the files to some local folder that is specified by you.
    3. Once all the pre-SP1 Windows Vista files are copied to the local hard disk, specify the Windows Vista Edition that you want to slipstream. This step is necessary because installers for all Vista Editions are shipped in one DVD.
    4. On the next screen, select the following tasks "Service Pack Slipstream" and "Bootable ISO" -> next -> select the location of standalone Windows Vista SP1 installer file.
    5. vLite can take 60-90 minutes for integrating all the SP1 files into Vista Installer. Once this process is complete, change the mode to "Direct Burn", pop a blank DVD and Burn.
    6. Your Windows Vista SP1 Bootable DVD will be ready in few minutes

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